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12 Things That Can Ruin Your Short Visit to Copenhagen

Visiting any new destination is a thrilling experience, filled with exciting attractions and cultural experiences that can easily become overwhelming.

Yet, while the prospect of exploring Copenhagen, Denmark’s vibrant capital city, can be undeniably tempting, it’s important to remember that certain mistakes can easily ruin your itinerary here.

If you’re planning a short visit to Copenhagen, you’ll want to enhance your experience. While there are many things to see and do in this beautiful city, some things could easily cause your vacation to become unpleasant.

We have compiled a list of the top twelve things that can ruin your short stay in Copenhagen, and how to avoid them.

1.               Inadequate Research

Planning a short visit to Copenhagen can be exciting, but it’s important to research before you go and make a list of things to do in Copenhagen layovers. If you don’t, you may miss out on many of the city’s top attractions.

Furthermore, you may offend locals by not adhering to traditional customs and etiquette without properly researching the city’s culture. Don’t let bad planning get in the way of your dream trip; make sure you do your homework before heading to Copenhagen!

2.               Don’t Get Lost: Take A Map Or Learn Your Way Around

One of the most important things to remember when visiting any city is to be well-prepared and not to get lost. With Copenhagen, the best way to do this is by having a map and understanding the city’s layout beforehand. Familiarise yourself with all the major landmarks and any places you can visit while there.

This will help you make the most of your short visit to Copenhagen, so you don’t waste time searching for your destination. Additionally, ensure you have a list of emergency information, such as hospital location and taxi numbers, handy in case you find yourself stuck!

3.               Forgetting To Look At Different Currency Exchange Rates

One of the best ways to make sure you get the best exchange rate is to look for reputable businesses that offer competitive rates instead of randomly choosing one. Before traveling, research which places in Copenhagen offers the most favorable deals for currency conversion and take note of their locations.

Additionally, it is often a good idea to bring more than one form of payment when visiting a foreign country; having both cash and a debit or credit card handy can be beneficial when looking for the best value. Always keep your bank or card issuer informed so they can update you with any exchange rate fluctuations that may occur during your visit.

4.               Overstaying Or Underestimating Your Visa Requirements

Make sure you know your home country’s visa requirements when visiting Copenhagen. Depending on your country, you might need a different visa, which might involve different procedures and paperwork.

Additionally, knowing exactly how long you are allowed to stay in Denmark is important. This can vary greatly depending on your origin and could be as short as three days or up to three months. Be sure to research this and familiarise yourself with the applicable entry/exit rules before visiting so that everything runs smoothly during your stay!

5.               Not Planning For Transportation And Lodging Costs

Traveling to Copenhagen can be quite expensive, not only is lodging usually pricy, but transportation costs and admission fees can start to add up. To save money, it’s worth looking into buying a City Pass which offers discounts on entry fees as well as other attractions in the city.

Also, research hotels or other types of accommodation beforehand and look for any special deals available. Booking ahead of time can also help you save on last-minute costs. If you plan on driving, remember to include the cost of parking or petrol in your budget.

6.               Ignoring Safety Precautions Or Being Unaware Of Potential Pickpockets And Scams

While visiting Copenhagen, it’s important to be aware of potential scams and pickpockets. You should store your most valuable items in secure locations and never keep them out in public.

When using ATMs, ensure they are located within bank branches. This is the safest option. It’s also a good idea to avoid going out alone at night, stay in well-lit areas, and get a licensed taxi if you feel unsafe.

Credit card fraud has also been reported in Copenhagen, so it’s wise always to keep your wallet close when making transactions.

7.               Not Exploring The City

Exploring the city when you’re visiting is one of the best ways to experience its culture and attractions. However, not exploring enough can leave you missing out on some of Copenhagen’s best experiences.

Copenhagen is a remarkable city steeped in architectural beauty and culture. Whether you’re looking for a more historical experience or something more contemporary, there is an array of places to visit that appeal to everyone’s interests.

The iconic Church of Our Saviour and The Round Tower are popular sights with their stunning 17th-century architectural designs, while the other contemporary sites like Superkilen in Norrebro showcase groundbreaking architecture at its finest.

You must have seen some of the local sites and visited local businesses to get a true feel for what makes the city so special. Explore all of Copenhagen, check out some cool spots, and learn about what makes Copenhagen unique.

8.               Not Taking Advantage Of Public Transportation

Copenhagen is renowned for its comprehensive public transportation network. With buses, trains, and metros frequently running throughout the day and into the night, you’ll be able to get to your destination easily.

Investing some time in understanding how to purchase tickets and use the public transportation system will save you stress in the long run. Also, look up information on bike-sharing services as this tends to be an increasingly popular form of transport in Copenhagen that even locals use.

9.               Skipping Out On Sightseeing Tours

Another pitfall many travelers make is trying to take in all of Copenhagen’s monuments and attractions during a short visit. This can sometimes be difficult or even impossible!

Investing in a guided tour is the best way to ensure you see all of the city’s highlights while getting an authentic experience of Scandinavian culture.

It’ll also give you exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at some of Copenhagen’s most memorable places. Whether it’s with a professional guide or on your terms, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this amazing city!

10.         Looking In The Wrong Place For A Restaurant Or Cafe

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the abundance of tourist-centric restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen; you won’t find the most authentic experience there!

To immerse yourself in local culture, look for hidden gems. Seek local hangouts where you can get a taste of Danish cuisine and a unique atmosphere separate from the tourist traps. It’s well worth making the extra effort, as these places often offer a much better culinary experience than more commercial establishments.

11.        Visiting During The Wrong Season

Visiting during the wrong season can ruin your short visit to Copenhagen! While Copenhagen is known for its mild weather year-round, certain months will have fewer hours of daylight and more unpredictable rain than others.

During wintertime, many museums and cafes may close earlier than usual, while famous sights can become overcrowded with tourists.

In addition, cold temperatures mean fewer curious pedestrians out exploring, so you won’t get as much of a chance to immerse yourself in local life.

Visiting Copenhagen during the wrong season can leave you disappointed if you don’t plan! Before booking your trip, research what type of experiences and adventures await you at different times of the year so you don’t regret missing opportunities during your short stay here in Denmark’s capital.

12.         Going Out At Night Without Knowing Where

Going out at night without knowing where can be a recipe for disaster and ruin your short visit to Copenhagen! Although the city is known for its vibrant nightlife, there are certain areas that you’ll want to avoid to keep yourself safe.

Copenhagen offers plenty of fun and exciting places to explore when the sun goes down; however, like most big cities, it can also have darker, more dangerous parts.

While the downtown core is usually quite safe after dark with its lively bars, pubs, and clubs, alluding to local criminals is still something you should keep in mind, especially if you’re alone or unfamiliar with your surroundings. So before heading out into the night, take the time to research different locations so that you don’t end up somewhere you weren’t expecting!


Visiting any new destination can be both exciting and intimidating, and the same is true when exploring Copenhagen, Denmark’s vibrant capital city. However, it’s important to remember that certain mistakes can easily ruin your trip!

By keeping these tips in mind before embarking on your journey to Copenhagen, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring your short stay here is enjoyable!

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