Cincinnati is a vibrant Midwestern city with incredible views because of its position along the Ohio River. From nightlife to history, to a changing array of restaurants, you can find whatever you’re looking for when living in Cincinnati. It’s truly a city that offers the perks of a big city with the feel of a close-knit small town.

Find Your Ideal Neighborhood

One unique thing about Cincinnati is that each neighborhood offers its own atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for luxury apartments in Cincinnati or if you’re looking for something more quaint, Cincinnati offers something that will be perfect for everyone. Downtown apartments offer an amazing view of the river along with being near the business district and the baseball and football stadium. Luxury apartments in Cincinnati are also available in other parts of the city though. In Mt. Adams you would be able to see over all of the city in your luxury apartment while still being close to downtown. If you’re looking to get further away from the business of downtown, consider looking at the neighborhoods of Oakley, Mt. Lookout, or Northside. Each offers a distinct vibe with less traffic than the downtown area, but each of these neighborhoods is still less than a twenty-minute drive away.

Get Involved In The City

Although Cincinnati is a large city, if you’re moving there from another area you might be surprised by how close-knit the locals are who have lived there all their lives. People always offer a Midwestern friendliness though; you just have to get involved to keep meeting a bunch of different people.

If you’re living in a luxury apartment and it offers up mingling sessions, then consider going at least once a week to meet new people in your building. It’s never a bad idea to have someone who lives close to you that you can call on for help.

Consider getting a team of coworkers together for a trivia night. Many of the bars in the city offer trivia on Wednesday nights. It can be a fun way to test your knowledge while also getting to know a few other people! (plus if your team wins, you’ll normally get a gift card to that bar).

Lastly, think about getting the MeetUp app. On MeetUp, there is every kind of group you can imagine. New people are always joining various groups, so you certainly won’t be the only new person at an event!

Explore The Outdoors

Whether you’re living in a luxury apartment or a smaller space, no one wants to constantly be at home during all of their free time. Luckily, Cincinnati is close to some wonderful outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking to go hiking or biking but want to stay closer to home, consider visiting Devou Park. Like Mt. Adams, you can get a great vantage point of the city from the park’s many hills, but this time you’ll be seeing the city from a whole new angle since you’ll be on the Kentucky side of the river.

Cincinnati is also only a couple of hours away from Red River Gorge. If you’re into hiking or rock-climbing, it’s definitely worth the drive!

Cincinnati is a great city. If you follow a couple of the tips above you’ll be sure to be calling it your home in no time!


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