As you journey through life there are plenty of turning points and milestones. Our existence is an ever-changing tableau, like scenes from a play full of actors and carefully crafted sets. Many moments are part of the humdrum of daily existence but we all have peak times when we awaken and suddenly see the truth of our lives. It’s as if the veil of consciousness parts and we are granted the gift of clarity as we simply understand it is time for a big change.

One might imagine that creating change in your life during the middle of a global pandemic would be a little much to ask. In a way, though, it’s an ideal time to recreate and recraft your life. Instead of endless commutes, long hours of work and lots of distractions, we’re spending most of our time at home. You can take advantage of this time of stillness to focus on your time on Earth and how you want to live it. If you do this you can emerge from the current maelstrom with a newfound sense of purpose and determination.

Improve Your Health

The events in the world and the current restrictions have taken their toll on our physical and mental health. Many individuals report feeling much more anxious than before, and stress levels are at an all-time high. In order to get through everything, it’s really important to take care of your health and seek natural treatments for our chronic anxiety and stress. One of the best plant-based, natural remedy for anxiety and the times we are in is medical marijuana (MMJ). If you live in the state of Pennsylvania you can go online and apply for your MMJ card today. You can connect with cannabis doctors online from anywhere in PA. The process of applying takes minutes and you only have to pay if you are approved.

Follow Your Bliss

We often go through life living according to instructions that were programmed into us by our caretakers and society. When we were younger, we often thought of what we would love to do with our lives. Then, as we reached adulthood, we typically put that aside and hopped on the corporate ladder hoping to get ahead. We sacrificed our dreams at the altar of commerce, and traded endless hours of work just so we could get by. If you worked from the time you were 20 to when you turned 40, it’s likely that you’ve spent over 40,000 hours of your life in an economic pursuit that doesn’t even fulfill your soul. It’s time, as Joseph Campbell would say, “to follow your bliss”.

Work with the Quantum Field

Recent discussion has highlighted the presence of the quantum field. This is especially relevant when you have intentions that you want to manifest. In this regard, it’s helpful to think of the quantum field as a supercomputer that processes all of the possibilities in life. If you focus your energy and add your intention to the field you can help manifest what you are hoping to create. To visualize how this might work, imagine that every day the universe passes around a hat and asks anyone who is interested to put their intentions in it for the next day. Then, after collecting and collating the requests, the supercomputer of the quantum field basically uses those requests to create the screenplay for how tomorrow’s theatrical play is going to proceed. If you focus on becoming skilled in manifesting your desires, you can help craft the life of your dreams.


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