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4 Insider Tips From Digital Nomads on How To Make a Passive Income

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In the last few years, you may have heard a lot about digital nomads. They appear to have an amazing life and you/re thinking about giving it a try…

Some articles you read say just quit your job and start traveling. Well, while some people may want to try this, you’re thinking it may not be the best idea.

So, before becoming a digital nomad, you need to know exactly what it is. Basically, a digital nomad works from their laptop or computer while traveling the world. This lifestyle is an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures and make a lot of new friends, all while earning an income seeing the world.

It may seem really hard to find work while traveling and because you’re thinking you have to sit in an office all day long. In the past, this may have been the case, but with technology, you now have the freedom to work from almost anywhere; think of it as a hybrid vacation.  If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, then read on to find some money-generating tips from people living this lifestyle.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a different way of letting others know about a particular product or service that you provide. For example, if you are a landscaper, you could write a blog about rose bushes or the best type of grass seed to use for a beautiful yard. Some of the options copywriters have for work are:

  • Bloggers
  • Product manager
  • Social media manager
  • SEO specialist
  • Editor

If any of these jobs sound like a good fit for you, do a quick online search to see if you find any that grab your attention. If you don’t think copywriting sounds that great, then read on. You will find something below that grabs your attention.

2.  Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can mean so many different things now. At its basic, a virtual assistant is someone who assists with administrative work remotely.  A virtual assistant can do anything from keeping track of your calendar to scheduling bulk emails. Below you will find a few things you could do as an assistant.

  • Manage calendars
  • Communication and email management
  • Receptionist duties
  • Make travel plans
  • Day-to-day business operations 

This is just the beginning of things you can do as a virtual assistant. If you like working with numbers, some companies look for people who can help keep track of where their money is going. There are some instances when a business owner may need someone who can do personal errands. This doesn’t mean going to get their dry cleaning but instead, things like setting up their calendar, sending gifts, or making reservations at a restaurant. 

3.  Vacation Home Rentals

In the last five years or so, digital nomads have started investing in vacation properties. Real estate investments give you consistent income while still allowing you to travel. There are many pros to making this type of investment, and with anything, you need to factor in the cons. Below you will find a few of the pros and cons of vacation rentals.


  • Extra income
  • A place to stay when the home is empty
  • Tax benefits
  • Houses typically increase in value
  • You can create a retirement fund


  • Managing the property
  • Cleaning after guests leave
  • Talking with potential renters
  • Restocking essential items
  • Off seasons

There are a few ways you can turn around some of the cons. Instead of dealing with the property, the renters, and keeping up maintenance, you can hire a property manager to do this for you. The other main issue is if your rental property remains vacant for longer than usual. One solution for this is to find places people can go year-round, and that allows them privacy. Many people like having a quiet place to get away to rest and get away from tourists.

4.  Start an E-commerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business is not easy to do. You will need to have money to invest in products and plan what platform you will use. The products you want to sell are going to determine how much money you’ll need to save. One good idea is to find a product that is high in demand but is not overly expensive. There are a few items that fit into this category; a few of them are listed below.

  • TV accessories
  • Beauty products
  • Clothes
  • Bike replacement parts
  • Baby toys

In 2020, the number of digital nomads increased by 49%.  Most believe that this significant increase is due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. Remote working helped businesses to cut expenses and realize that employees are just as productive working from home as they are working in an office.   

In the future, it will be interesting to see if this trend continues or if it will fade away. With the benefits that workers and employers are discovering, it seems likely it will continue to gain popularity.  So if you’re considering taking this step, now is the time to do it.