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4 of the best locations in the UK to go on a walking holiday

The UK is so much more than a collection of modern, metropolitan cities. It’s also a country of outstanding natural beauty and offers plenty for outdoor enthusiasts. With so many natural parks scattered around the country, there are endless opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable walking holiday.

Don’t know where to start? Allow this guide to give you an idea about where to go and what to expect. Just make sure you have the right walking gear so that you can start straight away and can take on some of the UK’s famously unpredictable weather!


Away from all the hecticness of modern life, Glencoe lies high up in the Scottish Highlands and has little in the way of distractions. A gorgeous piece of wilderness that is relatively untouched, this remote area of Scotland is packed with peaks, lochs and waterfalls, each one more beautiful than the last.

The choice of walking adventures is endless, with Ballachulish village, Loch Leven, the Lost Valley and the Pap of Glencoe just waiting to be discovered. And regardless of the time of year, always take your layers and waterproofs; the weather isn’t the friendliest up in these parts.


Otherwise known as God’s Own Country, the Yorkshire Dales offers open landscapes, endless horizons and diverse wildlife. Quintessentially British through and through, enjoy rolling green hills and the occasional mountain summit as you trample through heather and bramble.

Yorkshire is a big county and is teaming with nature spots. If you’re craving the sea, you can head over to Robin’s Hood Bay and discover isolated bays, rock pools and treasured fish & chip shops for a quick lunch or supper.

The Lake District

One of the most famous spots for a walking holiday in the UK, The Lake District offers mountaineers and serious hikers plenty of opportunity to test their limits. Home to the highest mountain in England, as well as plenty of peaks over 1,000 metres, avid walkers can find a new challenge every day.

If you’d prefer gentler walks, there are heaps of those too. With plenty of smaller peaks and lakes to walk around, there are a whole range of difficulty levels here. All you have to do is discover yours!

Snowdonia A mountaineer’s paradise, Snowdonia tops the list when it comes to alpine challenges. And whilst Snowdonia Mountain is the star of the show, Snowdonia National Park is a playground for all walking abilities and has something for everyone.