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4 Ways to Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

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Car breakdowns can be incredibly frustrating. Whether you are rushing to work or trying to get back home for dinner with your family, dealing with car trouble is the last thing you will want to do. Unfortunately, the chances of getting an issue with your car whenever you are on the road are pretty high.

Whether you are dealing with an overheating engine, a flat tire or a dying battery, it is crucial to consider the safety factor as you get side-lined on the road.

Here are a few safety tips to keep you and your passenger(s) safe until the issue is resolved and you get back on the road.

Pull Off the Road

The first step towards staying safe during a car breakdown is to pull over if possible. Car issues aren’t convenient, and they might not give you time to get off the road to a safer position away from traffic. However, if your car is still functioning well enough, ensure you get off the road to reduce the risk of collision.

If your car stops in the middle of the road, you can ask for help from other motorists to push it to the side. Once you are at a safe distance, you can run a few DIYs, such as changing tires or jump starting a car safely, to get you back on the road within no time.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

The other thing you should do when you realize your car has a problem is turn on your hazard lights. That is an important step towards staying safe as it alerts drivers around you to be extra cautious. In so doing, these motorists would not be surprised when you slow down or stop unexpectedly.

Also, pay attention to traffic message boards, they can inform you of any traffic danger ahead.

The primary purpose of hazard lights is to warn other road users of an emergency. It is an internationally recognized sign, and turning these emergency flashers on in time can help keep you safe in case of a car breakdown.

Make You and Your Car Visible

Another way to ensure you stay safe during a car breakdown is to make yourself visible. The primary purpose of that is to ensure the other motorists would not hit you or your car while you are parked at the side of the road.

In an ideal case, hazard lights would be enough to warn your fellow road users that you have an issue. Unfortunately, these lights are not always sufficient, especially during bad weather. As such, you might have to place reflective triangles around your car until you fix the issue or get the help you need.

Call for Help

There are a few instances when car issues are minor, and you can fix them independently. However, you might have to call for road assistance, a tow truck or a mechanic when the problem exceeds your skills. Fortunately, there are plenty of car emergency services available in most parts of the world, ready to offer you help whenever you need it.

Emergency vehicle services can help keep you safe in case of a breakdown by fixing your car on the spot or towing it to the nearest mechanic shop. Either way, they will ensure you are not alone on the road, especially if its night time.