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Why Now Is the Time to Explore the UK With A Eurail Pass

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It’s the Platinum Jubilee year for Queen Elizabeth II and the second season of Bridgerton just dropped so honestly the UK is top of mind for many. And since the UK is having such a moment, why not consider exploring with a Eurail Pass. We’ve outlined a proposed itinerary that you can enjoy with a Eurail Pass that takes you all around Great Britain, with some royal family favorites and Bridgerton filming locations including, and also we threw in a Spice Girls reference, cause why not. 

Let’s Start in London 

June 2nd – 5th will be the official weekend of Jubilee celebrations in London, so start your trip here and post up with a seat at The Queen’s Birthday Parade on June 2nd. Marvel at the beauty of Buckingham Palace before making your way over to the nearby Lancaster House, which is often used in filming as a stand-in for the palace – for those who’ve watched Netflix’s The Crown. Lancaster House was also used for interior shots of Queen Charlotte’s home in Bridgerton and although you can’t go inside, it’s quite lovely to see from the exterior. In the south east part of London though you can find Ranger’s House and if this villa looks familiar that’s because it actually serves as the “home” for Lady Bridgerton and her children. Ranger’s House is a museum so that means you can venture inside and explore the Wernher Collection of art. 

Head South to Brighton 

Leaving London, take the train south to Brighton in East Sussex. Here you’ll find one of the oldest theaters in history, Theatre Royal Brighton. This elegant theater serves as a beautiful backdrop for which can be seen in episode 7 of the first season of Bridgerton. Stay awhile and book yourself a seat at one of the shows or head over to the nearby Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence built in the Indio-Saracenic style that was prevalent in India in the 19th century. The Royal Pavilion was built for George, Prince of Whales as a seaside retreat before he became King George IV. 

Head West to Salisbury & Then Bath 

From Brighton, head west for a stop in the cathedral city of Salisbury for a visit to Wilton House. Wilton House is owned by the Earl and Countess of Pembroke and has been in the family since 1544 so the estate has been well maintained and part of it is open to visitors. The gardens and staterooms of Wilton House make many appearances in Bridgerton but the house has also appeared in other productions including season 4 of The Crown

Then just an hour northwest by train you’ll arrive in the town of Bath to visit Holburne Museum which doubles as Lady Danbury’s estate in Bridgerton. The museum houses an intimate collection of 17th and 18th century decorative arts and paintings and a walk through the museum and surrounding grounds makes for a pleasant afternoon. 

Why Not Add On A Visit to Wales 

While there aren’t any filming locations for Bridgerton in Wales (yet) the city of Cardiff is not too far from Bath and is home to a 2,000 year old castle that remains one of the city’s top attractions: Castle Cardiff (Now, while Bridgerton hasn’t filmed here, Sherlock did). And fans of Doctor Who will also recognize places around Cardiff from the show The National Museum or Queen Street. 

Spend Extra Time In Wales and Head to Pembrokeshire

It’s a long ride from Cardiff to the town of Pembroke but you’re here to make use of that Eurail Pass so make the adventure here for a visit to the splendid Pembroke Castle. Henry Tudor was born here in 1457 so this castle has a long and storied history for the Tudors and their reign. Now while Bridgerton wasn’t taped in Pembroke, just 15 minutes away you can find Freshwater West Beach which was a filming location for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. And that’s not the only movie that’s opted for filming locations around the county of Pembrokeshire, other notable shows and movies to tape in this area include: Me Before You, A Discovery of Witches and Robin Hood (the one with Russell Crowe). 

Head to Yorkshire For Some More Bridgerton Memories

After a couple days in Wales it’s time to head up to Yorkshire, home of the extravagant Castle Howard. This magnificent home with its ornate interiors took over 100 years to complete so it should come as no surprise that it serves as “Clyvedon Castle” in Bridgerton, the stately home of Simon and Daphne after they wed. 

Head Further North Into Scotland For Some More Royal Spots 

Hop aboard the train and make your way to Edinburgh to visit Edinburgh Castle. Another storied castle, the area it occupies is believed to have been inhabited since at least the Iron Age. Today it is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels and the National War Museum of Scotland so it remains one of the city’s top attractions. While in Edinburgh head over for a visit to see the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. It is best known as being the home of Mary Queen of Scots and you can visit the grounds, the rooms and a rotating exhibition of items from the Royal Collection. 

From Edinburgh, take a train north to Aberdeenshire to Balmoral Castle. Purchased by Queen Victoria in 1848, it remains a private home for the British Royal Family where they often spend summers. The ground, gardens and ballroom are open to the public usually from April to July of each year. 

And that concludes our UK itinerary with Eurail to see both places affiliated with the royal family in honor of the Jubilee as well as popular filming locations from the hit Bridgerton.