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5 Casino Resorts With Breathtaking Views

There are many amazing casino resorts around the world, but while some might deliver the goods in terms of game variety and on-site amenities, they can fall short if you’re looking for stunning vistas to break up your visit.

Thankfully you can be selective in the resorts you pick and find fabulous accommodation with gambling venues attached that are set against a stunning backdrop as well, so let’s touch on the top contenders in this category to help you book your next casino trip.

Photo by sungmu heo

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A trio of interconnected towers make up the jaw-dropping Marina Bay Sands casino complex in the city of Singapore, and while the view from the ground looking up is impressive, the real place to be is the SkyPark which links these buildings together.

From up here, you can stroll along and get an overview of the entire city as well as the bay nearby, or you can even take a dip in the infinity pool which makes it feel like you are even more connected with your surroundings, all from an incredible elevated position.

If you are trying to work out where the gambling capital of the world is, Singapore may not be high on the list, but the views from the Marina Bay Sands will make you feel like a million dollars, whether or not you win on the casino floor.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

It might not have the same high profile as resorts like Caesars Palace or The Bellagio, but it more than matches them in terms of the classiness and opulence, so The Cosmopolitan is something of the discerning gambler’s choice for a trip to Las Vegas.

Then there’s the unforgettable views you can enjoy if you are well-heeled enough to be able to afford a suite on one of its upper floors.

Rather than having to be in one of Sin City’s iconic casinos looking out, you can see all the best locations that The Strip has to offer from a refined interior of The Cosmopolitan.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Look out from one side of the Casino de Monte-Carlo in the principality of Monaco, and you’ll see the azure seas stretching away in all directions, as well as the nearby beach.

Look out the other and you’ll take in a mixture of high end residences and businesses leading up and away towards the rocky, green-speckled outcrops of the nearby hills.

If you’re a fan of super and hypercars, then the view gets even better, as some of the most valuable and over-the-top vehicles around are driven to and parked up outside this old-school, glamorous casino. As such, there really is something for everyone.

Sun City, South Africa

No trip to South Africa is complete if you are a casino fan and you want to gamble while surrounded by the rolling hills and verdant plains of this incredible country.

The resort itself is endowed with truly eye-catching architecture, and the upper rooms afford guests ample views of game reserves that spread across the endless savannah nearby.

The Venetian, Macau

While the view from The Venetian in the Chinese special administrative zone of Macau is not necessarily breathtaking in the traditional sense, it is arguably all the more poignant because it’s so surprising to find a top flight casino in this part of the world, let alone one which has been put together with such opulence.

The sights from within the resort will wow Western visitors, as you can see the true expanse of Macau, and the sheer amount of progress being made there is enough to impress anyone.