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5 Mistakes To Avoid For An Awesome RV Adventure

The closure of many airports for international leisure travels has brought about a shift in the travel plans of those who love to go on a holiday. Rather than only focusing on international travels, now, many travelers are opting to go on road trips. Fortunately for many travelers today, going on the road can now be easier and more comfortable through an RV.

Many travelers swear by the convenience of being on the road in an RV. But, if you’re a rookie, then it’s normal, too, for you to meet the likelihood of committing one of the many usual RV mistakes.

If you want your RV adventure to go as smoothly as planned, you’ll want to be sure to avoid committing these mishaps

1. Not Practicing How To Park Your RV

One of the most common problems you’re going to encounter during your trip concerns parking your RV. This is a given, considering how much bigger an RV is compared to other vehicles you may have gone accustomed to driving. Especially if it’s going to be your first time driving one, parking an RV can be a tad bit more challenging.

So, before you head out on that first day of your adventure, take the time to practice parking the RV first. You can do this even in your own yard, if you have the space for it. The better you are at parking an RV, the less of an entertainment you’re going to become to your other fellow campers on the camp site.

Not unless you have insurance for your RV rental, you certainly can’t risk causing any damage to it, all because you didn’t practice.

2. Traveling Too Far In One Day

The whole point of traveling in an RV is for you to take it easy on your road trip. You can make stopovers at campsites as you can literally sleep in your RV. You don’t have to be worried about hotel rooms and other whatnots when you’ve got your home on the road with you.

So, there’s no need to travel too far in one day. This is actually one of the many mistakes that new RV adventure enthusiasts may make. There’s no need to rush right away to your final destination of the trip. When you’re in an RV, the journey to your destination is a part of the experience itself.

3. Not Planning Your Route In Advance

Along with traveling too far in one day, another mistake that’s all-too-familiar is not planning your route in advance. When you’re going to take it slow and have stops along the way, you can’t just wing it. Take note that not every stop you’ll make may be an actual campsite. This means that if you intend to stop longer to relax, take in the view, and sleep, then you need to plan and pre-book parking slots in that campsite as well.

The most important part of planning your route in advance is so you can also avoid any bump along the way. You can also choose routes with the most scenic views when you’re more strategic with your planning.

4. Not Bringing In The Awning

You’re going to love an RV awning. So, you have to be sure that this is something you bring along with you as well.

When you stop for long hours or overnight in your campsite, you’re not just going to stay in your RV the entire time. Chances are you’ll go down, build a fire for cooking, and set up your camp tables and chairs. This is precisely the reason why you’re also going to want to have an awning with you. It gives you shade, privacy, and protection from the rain once you’re in the campsite.

5. Not Making Reservations In Advance

Once you’ve planned your route, stopovers, and your destinations, make those reservations ASAP. Particularly when you’re planning your RV adventure during a high travel or peak season, then you wouldn’t want to risk not having a slot in your desired campsite.

Treat this adventure as you would any of your other holidays. Is it not that you’d never delay your hotel bookings?  The last thing you’ll want is to end up in a supermarket parking lot for the night, all because you don’t have any booking in place.


Mistakes during adventures and travels are inevitable. Even the most seasoned of RV travelers and enthusiasts can make travel mistakes, especially when you aren’t well-prepared for them to happen. The list above holds only a few of the possible ones you can make. But, an awareness of those mistakes should be more than enough to give you a boosted start for your next RV adventure. That way, you can keep your trip as smooth and bump-free as possible.