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5 of the best cruises to consider in 2018

No travel option affords you the opportunity to see the beauty of the world quite the way a cruise liner does. While some packages limit the amount of time you spend in a destination, the variety of locations on offer make the short stays worthwhile. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life. The wonders of all seven continents are available to you from the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship, and these are the destinations you should be considering on your next vacation.

Warm beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the ultimate cruise destination. It’s home to more than 7000 islands which feature white sand beaches and crystal waters, making it the perfect beach vacation spot.

What’s more, these islands all boast excellent temperatures for sunbathing thanks to the Caribbean’s proximity to the equator. You don’t need to leave the ship to enjoy the weather, though. You can still soak up the heat while island hopping.

Cruises around the Caribbean tend to be short, because sailing between islands is quick and easy. You can touch down on a Barbados beach and within a few days be enjoying the refreshing waters of St. Thomas. The destinations you can travel to by cruise ship are incredibly diverse in the Caribbean. Where you go is essentially up to you.

The countryside of New Zealand

New Zealand is famed for its inspiring landscape, most of which you can appreciate from the comfort of a cruise liner. As an island nation, the country is accessible by boat from all directions, whether you’re interested in the high-rise skyline of Auckland or the rural wonders of Christchurch. Most cruises circle the island before returning home, with stop-offs plentiful around the fjords in the south-west. Here, there’s little more to admire than the clear waters and gorgeous highland views.

Finding a cruise that takes you down to New Zealand isn’t difficult, because the local residents themselves have a great love for exploring the ocean. In 2017 alone, more than 190,000 people boarded a cruise from the country, with thousands more expected to do the same across the following year. Given New Zealand’s intense fascination with cruising, the island’s ports have grown prepared to cater to all those traveling from abroad via boat.

Experience France in Canada

France isn’t only embodied in Canada by the language that a portion of them speak. Spots like Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the Newfoundland coast recreate the essence of France without you having to cross the Atlantic. From typical cuisine found in the local patisseries to the museums set further back inland, there’s an authenticity to these municipalities that you won’t find elsewhere. Cruises departing from Fort Lauderdale and Miami make regular trips to the archipelago, particularly in the spring and summer months.

The borders of Antarctica

Antarctica is not incredibly habitable to humans. The freezing temperatures and barren landscape pose a serious threat to life. However, with some of the most breathtaking views in the world, a trip to the continent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Depending on the cruise you embark on, the option to step ashore the icy wonderland may be available. This is reserved for smaller ships that can smoothly navigate the delicate environment of the Antarctic.

Most standard cruise liners skirt along the edge of the continent, providing families and travelers with a taste of Antarctica without encroaching too far. These journeys can be picked up from all around the coast and frequently loop around South America, often stopping at destinations like Wilhelmina Bay and Fortuna Bay.

Italy’s historic capital city

Transatlantic cruises are commonplace on travel websites, and they provide a perfect vessel for Americans to explore European shores and vice versa.These cruises tend to prioritize the traveling experience over the final destination, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer a variety of stops to explore. For your 2018 vacation, consider booking one that docks in the Italian capital of Rome. This ancient city is home to cultural wonders like the Colosseum and the Vatican, and its rich history will provide a welcome contrast to the joviality of your cruise journey. On a two to three week cruise, you can travel across the Atlantic and along Europe’s southern shores, with additional stops in cities like Malaga and Venice.

Cruise liners have the flexibility and resources to travel near enough everywhere in the world now. These destinations only skim the surface of where you should vacation in 2018, but they’re most certainly the best to travel to. Let us know if we’ve missed out anywhere else people should consider visiting.



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