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5 Really Cool Date Night Ideas

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Once we have been in a relationship for a while we might start taking our other half for granted. This applies even more after we have kids. However, romance doesn’t have to end at any point and even after years in the relationship, you should still have date nights – just the two of you. 

When it comes to dates there are options other than going to the movies or to your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have any inspiration, read on, as we will give you 5 creative date ideas. Klara Czerwinska, an iGaming expert from Poland helped us with some really original suggestions. If you want to find out more about Klara, click here

Ditching the online casino

For some, laying back on comfy sofas at home playing video slots while catching up on this and that can seem like an ideal date. However, when you need a little more spring in your relationship and want to go out here are a few date night ideas. 

Visit a casino 

When you want to plan your date for the late hours there aren’t many options apart from bar or nightclub visits which might not be too romantic. They are usually crowded; loud music stops you from having a conversation and the places might be full of drunk people. Night time dates ideas are hard to come by, so here comes an unusual one. 

You can visit a casino together and experience this opulent, glamorous life together. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a casino visit as many tables have low bet limits in Poland as well. If you are not familiar with casino games at all you can practice online with darmowe gry hazardowe owoce. Apart from slots, you can try card games such as poker, baccarat, or blackjack or try your luck at the ever-popular roulette table!

Go hiking

Nowadays, our lives are so stressful, and we are often unable to disconnect. There is no better way of de-stressing than going into nature. Forget about your phone – better leave it at home or in the car – and go for a long hike together. Poland has 23 national parks so chances are that within a couple of hours of driving you can reach one. While hiking in the forest there will be no distractions and you can truly concentrate on each other and observe the wildlife. 

Book an evening spa visit

It is not only women who like visiting spas – even if men don’t like to admit it. Everybody likes to relax in warm water and get their muscles massaged gently in the jacuzzi. Some spas are possible to book for evening visits and some will have separate private bookable areas for couples. Find out if there is a spa in your vicinity that can be booked. Evening date ideas don’t often come in a more romantic form than taking a hot soak together. No spa around you? Create an at-home spa evening. Buy a couple of scented candles, some bath foam, and perhaps massage oils and you never know what the evening will lead into!

Visit a museum

Visiting museums on city holidays is pretty normal to everyone. But when was the last time you visited a museum in your hometown? Check out interesting museums in your area online and decide with your partner which ones interest both of you. Across the world, museums participate in the Long Night of Museums program and some offer free entrance on these evenings. You can soak up some art, culture or science this way and later on discuss which items you liked the most. 

Travel to the closest lake or to the beach

Water, in general, has a calming effect on people so you can forget about work and just enjoy the moment. Summer is finally here, and it seems that we can now travel easier than a few months ago. You never know when the coronavirus restrictions will be back so you should utilize your time now. If the beach is hours away, perhaps pick a lake and go to a quiet spot to relax, soak up the sun, and swim. If you have time to spend the night at the beach or lake shore, why don’t you pack up a tent and do some wild camping? That is, only if you are the adventurous kind.


Bonding with your loved one is super important, and you should spare time for regular date nights. Use our list for out-of-the-ordinary date nights and make each other feel special!