There’s something beautiful and mysterious about the ocean. Water covers most of the planet, and it’s virtually impossible to explore all of it. No one knows all the lifeforms at the Mariana Trench’s bottom.

Some people love the water, while others fear it. Perhaps they think about famous aquatic disasters like the Titanic. The reality is that water travel is usually safe, and you’re a lot more likely to get in a car accident than an oceanic one.

Before planes, people traveled mainly by boat, where land travel was not possible. While you don’t need to undertake oceanic voyages anymore, there are plenty of reasons to consider doing so. Let’s talk about five of those right now.

Boat Ownership Freedom

One thing you might consider if you ever have a money surplus is getting a boat yourself. If you do, you’ll have the freedom to go aboard and explore anytime you want to. Boat ownership comes with big responsibilities, but at the same time, you have a vacation waiting for you whenever you want it. In searching for the right boat, you can look for a luxury yacht for sale and choose which yacht suits your preference. 

Whenever you get the chance, you can take your boat out and explore with it. You can sail around the world if you want to, stopping in exotic destinations and checking out the local cultures. If you become a boat owner, though, remember that you need money for:

  • Marina or docking fees
  • Maintenance fees
  • Crew salaries, if you have any crew members

Not everyone will ever have the money to afford what is, admittedly, an extravagance. However, boat ownership is something that many people love if they ever have the chance to try it.

You’ll See the World Differently

If you fly, it’s convenient. If you’re looking at flying versus boat travel, you can get to where you’re going faster when you fly.

However, boat travel has some advantages over plane travel. For instance, when you’re boat traveling:

  • You have a chance to savor the trip
  • You can watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises every day

You might get where you’re going very quickly with plane travel, but some would argue that’s more of a negative. When you’re boat traveling, you can savor the sun lingering on the deck every day as you get a nice tan. You can catch up on your reading or enjoy talking with whatever family members or friends came with you.

You’re away from the world for a while, and sometimes, that’s a good thing. A refreshing ocean voyage can put you in a better mental state if you’re battling depression or anxiety.


You Can Live Luxuriously for a Few Days

Of course, you don’t need to own your own boat to have an aquatic adventure. You can also take a cruise. When you do, you don’t have to worry about charting your course or captaining the vessel. You can simply relax every day and soak up some rays.

Companies often appoint cruise ships as nicely as luxury hotels. You might enjoy sumptuous meals every day. They usually have live entertainment. You can experience luau night or casino night while showing off your Hawaiian shirt collection.

Most cruises also stop by various ports along the way. You can check out the Bahamas or other popular vacation spots. Many ports have shopping opportunities, bars, cantinas, restaurants, open-air markets, and all sorts of other amenities and attractions.

Cruises are not practical at the moment because of Covid-19 concerns, but most people assume that medical science will create a vaccine at some point, and the virus will no longer trouble the world. At that point, you can think about taking cruises again.

You Can Fish

For some people, fishing is life. They like nothing more than sitting on a pier all day and seeing what comes their way, or they might try their luck going after some freshwater targets like bass or trout.

Some serious fishing individuals feel like deep-sea fishing is the most challenging and thrilling experience there is. You can take a cruise or charter your own boat with no other thought but to try and capture a marlin, shark, tarpon, or kingfish.

You can release your catch afterward, or you might keep it for a trophy. Some deep-sea fish are good to eat as well, so you might snag yourself some dinner that way.

If you decide to do this, make sure the other individuals in your party like fishing. If they don’t, you’ll have to make sure they have something to entertain themselves while you indulge in your hobby.

Get Over Your Fears

Earlier, we mentioned how some people don’t like the ocean so much or water in general. Maybe you don’t even like going in a swimming pool if you can help it.

Sometimes, though, it’s not a bad idea to face your fears head-on. Because the water makes you afraid is precisely the reason why you might want to undertake a sea voyage one of these days.

Many therapists will tell you that facing your fears is healthy. You might try getting out on the water a little bit at a time.

You could start by getting on a boat that’s safely docked. You can then take a day cruise around a marina, never going very far from shore. You can work your way up till eventually, you can take a multiple-day cruise.

You will find that the water was nothing to fear. As long as you’re cautious, you can enjoy the ocean and learn to travel that way.

Some people will never want to get out on the water. That’s your prerogative. Perhaps fishing does not interest you, nor visiting exotic ports.

Flying does exist now, so you can get to foreign countries via plane. Many people who try boating come to love it, though. There’s something very soothing about the ocean gently rocking you to sleep every night, and there’s nothing more spectacular than watching the sunrise over the water in a dazzling color array.


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