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5 Top Places to Explore in Western Australia

Western Australia is unimaginably large and unique. It is the biggest state covering almost 33% of the nation. From its unique Rocky formations and the old Aboriginal locales to the amazing green grape plantations of top-notch wineries as well as its astonishing sea waters, this region is known for unending adventures.

Amazing Places to Visit in Western Australia

There are several astonishing places to tour in Western Australia. Let’s discover Western Australia together. Check out these five intriguing places in Western Australia.

  • The Mount Augustus

Here is the world’s biggest rock. Often, most Western Australians joke that they don’t joke that they have no compelling reason to see other rock – that is, the Uluru rock. This is because regardless of Uluru’s notoriety, this region has a rock two times as large at 860 meters. Also, it has the impression of having various shadings, according to the hour of the day (from profound indigo to a dazzling pink). It is also intensely vegetated, making it very attractive in wildflower seasons.

  • The Margaret River

The location is home to astonishing gourmet restaurants and galleries. The Margaret River is a perfect place for a holiday resort. It’s also a well-known spot for surfers. This beautiful town lies in the southwest of the state. Surfers often rush the Margaret River for the steady huge wave breaks, it also includes over 40 surf spots spread all over the coast.

Again, the beautiful landscape of this spot attracts tourists across the world. There are tall wood backwoods and shining white-sand seashores. Some other well-known activities here include kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, as well as whale watching visits.

  • The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

The Ningaloo Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also the largest fringing reef in the world. Moreover, this park stretches out for over 258 kilometers and harbors varieties of marine life. However, unlike the Great Barrier Reef, The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park is easily open from shore. The marine life here includes dugongs, turtles, whale sharks,  manta rays, humpback whales, as well as over five hundred types of fish and three hundred types of coral.

The Turquoise Bay is a beautiful beach here that is often toured. It’s a superb stretch of blinding white sand as well as very clear water bound with coral.

  • Perth

This is another amazing place to visit in Western Australia. Because of a boom in mining blast, Perth is currently the fourth biggest city in Australia. It has an abundance of hip boutiques, sparkling skyscrapers, gourmet restaurants, as well as nice amusement scenes. The city of Perth is a perfect area for water sports. Sailing, swimming, and surfing are essential for regular daily activities here. As a tourist, you can also partake in several fun beach activities. 

  • The Pinnacles

Pinnacles have a huge breadth of limestone developments within the middle of the desert. Here, you can hike for hours – just like you are moving to another planet. That’s the feel.

Even though scientists and researchers aren’t certain about how the Pinnacles were shaped, they are still very incredible. That’s for sure! A tour here will leave you in awe.


Western Australia has a lot of astonishing things and places to offer. You can’t go wrong by visiting any of the locations listed above. Lasting fun is guaranteed! Finally, your next adventure should be to discover Canada and its natural wonders.