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Cooking seafood while on the road: how to make it cheap and easy


From time to time, we all enjoy seafood treats. People love seafood, such as buttery lobster or creamy clam chowder. Others consider seafood is a bit of an indulgence. For some, it’s comfort food and a sweet reminder of home.

When traveling, people tend to seek a feeling of luxury and comfort. Can you imagine cooking delicious seafood cheaply and efficiently while on the road? Check out three different ways to eat freshly cooked seafood on the road.

1. Cooking Over Coals

  • Building the Fire

Cooking over coals begins with building a fire. You will need to create a circular pit lining with stones on an open area. Fill the hole with charcoal. Place a grill over the top to cook the seafood.

  • Types of Food that one can prepare

We will be using lobster as our seafood of choice here. You can use crabs, shrimp, crawfish, and many others too. Grilling fish over charcoal is also a great option.

  • Wrapping the Food

Before grilling your lobster, wrap it in aluminum foil. Aluminum foil helps create a heat pocket that cooks your food while retaining moisture. Also, it gives you a chance to flavor your food with butter, lemon juice, and other ingredients.

  • Cooking the Food

A lobster cooked over an open fire is simply left in its aluminum foil pocket until the meat becomes opaque and firm. It usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on the fire intensity and size of the lobster.

“When you’re down on your luck, and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans.” — Tom Waits

2. Stone Boiling

  • Definition and Method

Cooking food with stone boiling involves heating water in a pot. Rocks are heated in a fire until they are sufficiently warm. Then, they are removed from the fire and placed in a pot of water. Eventually, with enough rocks, the water becomes hot to cook food.

  • Finding the Rocks

Stone boiling can be done with most rocks. They should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand since they will be immersed in the same water as the food. Go for stones at least 10 cm in diameter because smaller rocks won’t transfer enough heat.

  • Types of Food that one can prepare

Stone boiling is an excellent way to steam lobster tail. Place the lobster tail in the pot above the water level. Put a lid on the pot with the rocks inside. While cooking, hot stones may need to be swapped out as they cool in the water, but try not to open the lid too often to keep the heat and steam inside.

  • Preparing the Food

Again, aluminum foil is an excellent way to keep moisture from escaping. On the other hand, Stone-boiling makes this less necessary since the steam naturally keeps the food moist.

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3. Rock Frying

  • Definition and Method

The process of rock frying involves cooking food on a heated, flat rock surface. To fry food on a rock, simply hold it above the fire and wait until the rock’s surface is hot enough for food to be cooked on it.

  • Choosing a Rock

You can use any type of rock, but the stone you choose must be dry because the moisture in a rock can expand and cause it to explode if heated. By pouring a small amount of water on the rock surface and watching whether it pools or runs off, you can determine if the surface is flat and sturdy.

  • Types of Food that one can prepare

It is highly recommended that you fry some fatty foods, such as bacon strips, first to coat the rock’s surface in grease. As a result, cooking other foods, such as lobster, will be much easier, preventing it from sticking. Additionally, it adds to the flavor!

  • Preparing the Food

Food fried on a rock is virtually identical to food fried in a frying pan. Make sure not to drip grease onto an open fire because it could start a grease fire.


You don’t need to limit yourself to fine dining or home comforts to enjoy seafood. On the road or when you are camping, it’s perfectly feasible to prepare delicious seafood at affordable prices. In this article, we looked at 3 different methods for cooking food in the wild using tools and materials you’re likely to have on hand.