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5 Types of Car Accidents You Must Hire a Lawyer For

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Nothing can prepare you for a car accident. Despite having insurance, you can never hold certainty about the impact an accident will have on your life. Car accidents have various outcomes, some being severe as death.

There are various types of accidents that you can come across. If you are in Florida, you can contact a Florida car accident attorney to handle your case effectively. 

Here are some types of car accidents you should hire a lawyer for: 

1. Head-On Collisions

These accidents generally have a severe impact on car occupants. They happen when one driver deviates from the designated lane and drives into the oncoming traffic. 

It may occur when a vehicle attempts to overtake without enough room to veer back to the correct lane. Due to the acceleration from the attempt to overtake, the crash typically involves velocity from both vehicles.

2. Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Several factors may lead to several cars colliding at once. This type of accident has complicated lawsuits. Due to the many parties involved, it is difficult to establish who was at fault.

Also, it is hard to establish an accurate account of how the accident occurred. However, as much as the legal procedures for a multi-vehicle collision can be lengthy, they are possible to solve.

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, meaning that your insurance will cover you even if the accident is not your fault. If you get involved in one of these accidents, you should seek an experienced multi-vehicle accident lawyer to present your case.

3. Rear-End Accidents

This accident occurs if a driver drives too close to the car in front or does not pay attention to the road. It can also result from poor weather, thus hindering visibility. Minor injuries can arise from this type of car accident as the vehicles tend to travel at a lower speed.

If you get rammed from behind, the driver in the rear often becomes at fault. However, if you get rammed due to sudden braking, relevant authorities will evaluate the situation to establish who was at fault. As each accident is unique, investigations determine the fault of the accident.

4. Side-Impact Accidents

T-bone crashes occur when a driver fails to give way to another vehicle at an intersection. Making a wrong turn on the road can also result in a side-impact accident.

Generally, these types of accidents occur due to one vehicle emerging from a blind spot. People seated on the side of the car could sustain severe injuries. 

To avoid this type of accident, you should ensure the road is clear before passing. However, you should contact a lawyer if you get involved in such an accident.

5. Rollovers

With this type of accident, the possibility of fatalities is higher than others since the vehicle rolls and usually sustains significant damage. Although these accidents tend to affect only one vehicle, more cars could have rolled if it was a multi-vehicle accident. 

In some instances, a car may roll over while the driver is trying to avoid an oncoming careless driver.

Other conditions, such as weather, may also play a part in causing a car to roll over. There might also be a failure in the vehicle’s system that causes it to roll over. If the accident is not fatal, you should hire a lawyer to handle the accident’s investigation.

Final Thoughts

Accidents occur in various fashions. Since Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, you should always have an insurance policy. However, you should also sue the other driver if you believe you were not at fault.

Getting a lawyer to represent you in New Port Richey will ensure you get the best representation to get the settlement you deserve. Despite being in a no-fault state, the accident damages ought to be footed by the party at fault.