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The Main Reasons Car Accidents Happen And How To Avoid Them

In the past few years, the number of cars and drivers on the road has increased a lot. In some areas, the figure is nearly twice what it was just a decade ago. Considering that the road infrastructure is nearly the same with the only big difference being in how cities are now expanding outwards, the central parts of cities are getting more crowded.

Moreover, while this is a global situation, countries with a higher per capita income are feeling the effects more intensely. As people in these countries have more financing options to purchase a car, combined with the fact that they have higher disposable incomes, they can invest in high-value products like personal vehicles. These are the regions that are experiencing considerable growth in road traffic.

In addition to private car owners, certain market trends such as food delivery, grocery delivery, and rideshare apps, are also playing a big role in increasing the number of vehicles on the road.

Even if you are a qualified driver who is legally eligible to drive, it does help to have a basic understanding of the leading reasons behind car accidents.

1.  Driver Fatigue

Possibly one of the biggest reasons for commercial car accidents is driver fatigue. Truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery vehicle drivers, and taxi drivers spend several hours on the road each day, covering hundreds of miles in all kinds of traffic conditions. However, even private vehicle owners can be subject to driver fatigue after a long day of work or due to a lack of sleep. While it is always advised that drivers be well-rested before any journey, people often underestimate just how tired they are. It’s only when they get behind the wheel and start driving that they realize they can’t focus well yet they still carry on. For commercial drivers it can cost them money to stay stationary which is why they try even harder to continue driving, however, the consequences can be fatal. Make sure you are well-rested and you are in the right frame of mind to drive, especially if you are embarking on a long journey.

2.  Poor Knowledge

In New Mexico, lack of road knowledge, a poor understanding of road signage, and an unfamiliarity with the driving rules are some of the big factors behind car accidents in the state. Road rules and driving procedures can vary significantly between different states, let alone different countries. If you ever do get into an accident it does help to have a Santa Fe car accident attorney to be your advocate if you need to go to trial. While you might be an experienced and knowledgeable driver, it won’t be a good idea to self-represent your case in court. You need a professional who is familiar with both vehicle regulations and the legal system. Having an experienced attorney significantly improves your chances of winning a court case.

3.  Unfit Drivers

While governments and traffic police try very hard to ensure that only eligible drivers get access to their roads, it’s very difficult to filter out every single driver. There is always a chance that you are sharing the road with someone who is not qualified to drive. However, even people with a valid driver’s license may not always be in the right state of mind to drive or operate any kind of vehicle. In some states, it’s not a problem to be driving as long as you aren’t going over the permissible rating on the breathalyzer, though driving under the influence is always a problem. A low score on the breathalyzer is only a reflection of the amount of alcohol a person has consumed and it does little to show how well the person is still able to drive.

Overall, it’s easy to see how people who are not in the right frame of mind are a hazard to themselves and other drivers on the road. Things such as road rage often cause people to drive in a way they usually wouldn’t. Racing on public roads is another big problem among car drivers and motorbike riders. Not driving properly is a problem in itself but when this is combined with how people don’t wear seatbelts and motorbike riders don’t wear safety gear, the consequences of a car accident are even worse. Many accidents that happen on roads every day can be easily avoided if only people followed traffic regulations and were conscious of other drivers on the road. Even if you are heading out for a quick trip to the grocery store down the street, make sure you follow road safety advice and drive carefully, an accident is always just around the corner.