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5 Ways To Get Your Holiday Home Ready For The Summer

Whether you’ve bought your very own holiday home, or you’re looking into purchasing your first – we wanted to show you five ways you could bring the summer season into your home away from home.

So, if you’ve just signed on the dotted line of one of the caravans for sale within a holiday UK, for all-year-long caravan holidays, here’s how you could bring that sunshine season inside.

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Indoor plants

One quick and easy way to bring that summer feeling inside is with the addition of plants and foliage.

Indoor plants are a great way to not only add colour to a room but texture too. With a wide variety of indoor plants available within the UK, there’s something for everyone.

However, there’s one thing you’ll need to take into consideration when adding a plant or two to your holiday home – how often does your plant need watering? If you can find a plant that can survive with few watering times throughout the year, especially if you know you won’t be visiting your holiday home very often, that would be best for your home away from home.

If, however, you don’t want to deal with the faff of finding a good plant that’s watering schedule matches your holiday plans, how about adding an artificial indoor plant instead? That way there’s no need to worry if it’s wilting whilst you’re back home.


Adding a pop of bright sunshine colours can be as easy as adding a vase of freshly cut flowers to your holiday home. Not only will a fresh bouquet add an instant pop of colour, but they also bring a delightful smell of florals to fill the place too.

You could bring freshly cut flowers from your garden to your holiday home, or buy a fresh bunch from a local florist by your holiday home.

Don’t forget to either take the flowers home with you if still in good condition when it’s home time or dispose of them in a garden waste bin on your holiday site. There’s nothing worse than coming back to your holiday home to the smell of stagnant water and decomposing flowers.

Throws and blankets

Why not add some summer texture to your home away from home, as well as a pop of colour, with the help of some throws and blankets?

Not only will these add comfort and a homely feel to your place, but work as something to wrap up in when the temperature drops in the evening.

Reed diffuser

The summer season isn’t just about warm and bright colours, but the smells and fragrances that come with the season too. So, why not add this to your holiday home?

Using a reed diffuser is a quick and easy way to add a touch of the summer scent to your place. Could you be adding Sicilian lemon to your home, or fresh linen? Or will you mix it up with a pina colada inspired scent?

Ice lollies and ice cream

Has summer truly started until you’ve had your first ice cream or ice lolly out in the sunshine? With this in mind, our final tip for adding that summer feeling to your holiday home is to have a stash of ice creams and ice lollies in your freezer!

We would recommend buying a pack of lollies or a tub of ice cream and cones from one of the stores close to your accommodation, as with the warm weather, the lollies and ice cream might not make the journey without melting.