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6 Tips For Travelling To Euro 2024

The UEFA European Football Championship, or “Euro” for short, is one of the biggest competitions in Europe. The tournament might not have a fancy theme like the Champions League. But it has some of the strongest football teams in the world, like Spain, Great Britain, and, of course, Germany.

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And speaking of Germany, the next edition of the Euro will take place in Deutschland itself. So, if you want to enjoy the action live, prepare your bags and join us. Here, we will show you the best tips to travel to the Euro 2024.

Purchase The Tickets

There’s no point in travelling to Germany if you can’t enter the stadium. Before packing your clothes, you must prepare your tournament tickets beforehand.

Now, we know that there are a lot of trustable sites that sell tickets for any event. But we recommend playing it safe and first trying the official UEFA website. There, you can buy the tickets without taking risks and at a reasonable price.

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However, remember that the tickets are very limited, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the UEFA website, especially during March and April, since the tickets will be sold again during those months.

Prepare Your Bets

If you’re a sports betting fan, we recommend placing your bets before departing, since your preferred casino might not be available during your stay in Germany. Of course, you can always make a new account on another site and play from there.

Book A Place To Stay

Suppose you have the tickets ready; it is time to work on a place to stay. If you plan to attend every Euro match, start making reservations now, since the tournament lasts from June 14 to July 14.

We also suggest picking somewhere centric since the games will be played through 10 different stadiums across Germany.

Now, we know you might be tempted to stay in Berlin since the finals will be there and the city is beautiful during the summer. But we don’t recommend focusing your efforts there, especially if you’re reading this in March or April.

Berlin is one of the most visited cities in Germany, and the Euro will occur during the summer. So you will have to fight for rooms against other football fans and tourists.

If you can book a room or have friends who can provide you with one during those days, then go for it. But if that is not an option, consider booking a room in cities close to Berlin, like Kleinmachnow or Teltow.

Travel Through Public Transport

If you’ve never travelled to Berlin or other cities, you must know how to move around and get to the stadiums. Germany has an excellent public transport system composed of ferries, trains, and buses that can travel through cities, giving you access to Berlin and every other location of the matches.

Of course, if you prefer to travel solo or miss the train, you can rent cars or scooters, call a taxi, or even share a ride. Who knows? You may end up travelling with another fan of the same team.

Be Careful of Currency and Language Barriers

If you’re from Europe, you won’t have trouble buying or renting anything in Germany. But, if you’re from America or other continents, you might have to switch the currency you use to Euros or use other payment methods like e-wallets.

Apart from buying, we recommend you learn German, at least the basics of it, so you don’t run into any trouble with the directions. If you don’t have time, use phone apps like Google Translator or TripLingo to at least deal with vendors throughout the city.

Save Money And Pack Items For Any Emergency

You need to prepare yourself for any event while travelling. Besides the shirt and flag of your favourite team, pack any medicines you might need. Also, notify your family, neighbours, or friends that you will travel for some weeks.

Book Your Flight And Stay On The Itinerary

None of these tips will mean anything if you can’t travel to Germany. Make sure to process your passport and check if your country requires a Visa to enter the country.

After getting your documents in line, reserve a flight and travel one or two days before the matches so you can rest from jet lag, explore the beautiful cities, and avoid any last-minute emergencies with the hotels.

Make sure to note all the tips we gave you in this article and any other important info you might need, like phrases in German to ask for directions or the time of the matches. Stay attached to the itinerary, and you will surely enjoy the experience.