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A Fusion of Art and Elegance: Unveiling the Charms of Posada Ayana in Uruguay

No longer the humble fishing village it once was, the vibrant Uruguayan town of Jose Ignacio has transformed into a coveted destination for discerning travelers seeking art-centric experiences, sunshine, great food, and ample opportunities for people watching. Posada Ayana, the idyllic boutique hotel and host to James Turrell’s first freestanding Skyspace in South America, has become a staple for visitors to Uruguay. The on-property art is just the beginning of the hotel’s many splendors. Each guestroom at the Posada spans at least 500 square feet and features either private gardens or ocean views, bathed in natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows on at least two sides. The public spaces are equally impressive, with a spacious terrace that houses the on-property restaurant, offering views of the gardens and the nearby ocean. The interiors have been meticulously designed to harmonize with the property’s style and surroundings: every piece of furniture is locally sourced from Uruguay or Argentina, with the majority being restored or unique vintage finds from the ’50s and ’60s, obtained from the neighboring towns of Montevideo and Punta del Este. Local production and sustainability are also fundamental tenets for the property: from the produce used in the kitchen to the hotel’s amenities, all are locally sourced and, where possible, recycled and organic.

Oli at Ayana

This year Posada Ayana proudly welcomes the illustrious Argentinian restaurateur, Olivia Saal of Oli Café. Saal’s gastronomic artistry will take center stage in an exclusive residency from January 25th to February 26th, 2024. Oli Café, lauded by The New York Times as a pinnacle of Buenos Aires dining, will bring its vivacious spirit to the tranquil shores of Jose Ignacio. Each week, guests and locals will indulge in a symphony of flavors where Chef Saal’s rich Israeli and French culinary heritage blends seamlessly with the bountiful offerings of Uruguay’s local harvest. 

Beach House at Posada Ayana

Posada Ayana proudly unveils its latest design triumph: four additional chambers, each offering an intimate view of James Turrell’s Skyspace and the serene expanse of Mansa Beach. Crafted under the visionary guidance of owners and creative directors Robert and Edda Kofler, these rooms are situated in a bespoke beach house that marries innovative design with the natural beauty of its surroundings. These spaces are not mere rooms; they are immersive experiences, where every element has been thoughtfully chosen to echo the aesthetic dialogue between the property and its breathtaking coastal context. The expansion is a testament to Posada Ayana’s commitment to offering guests an environment where design and comfort converge amidst the majesty of nature.