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7 Reasons to Experience an African Summer Safari with Wilderness

Experience the summer of a lifetime with Wilderness; the world’s leading conservation and hospitality company which operates camps and safaris in some of Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness areas across seven countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Across the varied habitats – grasslands, floodplains, riverine forests, and uncountable waterways – there are opportunities to spot an abundance of wildlife, explore spectacular sceneries and capture the unforgettable moments.

See below for reasons to experience a summer with Wilderness:

1. New life

Summer is baby-time in the bush. New life explodes with many species giving birth to their young. Watch enchanted as impala lambs wobble on too-long legs. Or hang out at a hyena den and revel in the antics of their young. Laugh as baby warthogs strut endearingly. Young elephants figure out their trunks. Or baby baboons and monkeys tumble and play.

2. Dramatic predator sightings

New life is endearing but also tempting if you’re a lion, cheetah, wild dog, or leopard. During the summer, predators take full advantage of abundant, inexperienced younger prey. These sightings are intense. Frequent. Nail-biting. And a reminder of the circle of life we’re privileged to experience and help conserve in some of the world’s last iconic wild places.

3. Birding is at its best

In summer, the air vibrates with birdsong. Some species are in full, spectacular breeding plumage. Throughout Southern Africa, migratory species are back. Vibrant kingfishers. Strident cuckoos. Dazzling bee-eaters. Spot a Pel’s fishing-owl or African finfoot while cruising the Zambezi River. Or observe the intricate life of active heronries and other nesting colonies in the Delta.

4. Lush scenery

Immerse yourself in the spectacular vibrance of vastly differing landscapes. Rivers that reflect brooding, dramatic skies. Explosions of vegetation. Profusions of wildflowers. Rippling grasslands studded with wildlife. The scenery is an ever-changing tapestry of colour. Light. Texture. It’s 3D. All around you. All the time.

5. Weather in Africa

Exchange the bleak mid-winter of the northern hemisphere for sun-filled days. Balmy game drives. Refreshing midday splashes in our pools. If you’re lucky enough to experience an African thunderstorm, you’ll never forget how it smells. Or the life it awakens. You’ll long for the soft, pre-dawn starts to the day. And the way the breeze tickles your sun-kissed skin as you dine al fresco, and watch the stars.

6. Photography is exceptional

There is never a season in Africa where you won’t be blown away by what you can photograph. But in the summer, you have high drama. Intense predator-prey interactions against lush backgrounds. Cloud build-ups. A thousand shades of green. Bursts of colour. Life and death. Drama and absolute calm. Exquisite golden light. The sightings, and photographic opportunities, of a lifetime.

7. Touring Cape Town

Wilderness Private Journeys provides guests with the means to discover South Africa’s glorious Western Cape as an ideal add-on to an African safari. Start or end your safari in beautiful Cape Town. Lazy beach days. Wine tasting in the vineyards. Long languorous evenings absorbing the city’s vibe. The light over the oceans. The incredible mountain at its heart.