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9 Best Accessories To Customize Your Car Before a Trip

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There is a difference between the latest car and a well-maintained car. You may have spent several dollars buying your SUV but how you dress up your limousine gives it the edge. Measuring a car’s performance is a subjective issue, but you can certainly stretch its value and appeal by its accessories and upkeep.

Before taking your car out for its monthly servicing, think about the essential and value-added accessories it needs to run an extra mile. Buying car accessories is not an everyday affair. There is no end to your imagination and wish list, but there are few value-additions to aim for in your four-wheeler. Here are nine car accessories to help you spice up your old and new car.

1.   Light Up Your Journey.

Whether your car is engaged on a daytime adventure trip or running late in the night, lighting is a need during this time. While antique cars may boast of old-school halogen lamps, modern SUVs need projector LED headlamps for better road visibility.

As for the interiors, consider LED strips fitting under the seats and the dash area to lighten up your car. Invest in a roof rack floodlight when outfitting your four-wheel horse. It helps improve bad weather visibility, illuminates a campsite or an outdoor party, and transforms your sedan’s look.

2.   Seat Yourself In Comfort And Luxury.

Most budget cars come equipped with regular fabric or faux leather seats, offering you comfortable seating for your road trip. But if you have a long-distance to cover or an overnight journey, you may feel uneasy with the car seats.

Upgrade your car with genuine leather seat covers. It will add a premium look to your carriage and enhance your comfort and driving experience. Refurbish the seat foam to improve your comfort. You may also explore single color, dual color, and different color stitching on seat covers for an appealing and refreshing look. You can also check ventilated seats in the aftermarket.

3.   Entertainment On-The-Go.

When you are driving or are a backseat passenger, you may like to listen to melodies or watch live news or cricket on your DVD screen. Touchscreen entertainment is there to amplify your listening and viewing experience when you are on the road. Get a modern and advanced stereo system fitted in your car. Go for the stereo brands of your choice, think of different RAM capacities, and check out similar parameters for your car fitment.

If you are high on technology, try high-quality audio streaming through a Bluetooth Adapter. This is compatible with phone calls owing to the built-in microphones. It’s a superior alternative to Bluetooth-enabled radio.

4.   Chrome Your Way To Modern Driving.

There is nothing better than adding a sparkly bright look to your old car. A handful of chrome accessories to your car exteriors is like giving a brush of fresh paint to your four-wheel wonder.

Think of door handles, headlights, taillights, front grille, and many other places to enhance your car’s cuts and curves. Even a pre-owned car’s odd bump and scratch will look brand new with chrome accessories embellishment.       

5.   Power Windows For Automatic Window Closing.

Rolling car windows manually leaves a grumpy feeling, particularly in sultry and humid weather. A sudden dust storm in the middle of your road trip compounds one’s anger at having to roll up the windows.

Power window switches reduce your effort to roll down car windows. They are also a safety mechanism for your juniors and pets co-traveling with you.           

6.   Air Purify Your Car Travel.

Breathing clean air is next to impossible these days with gas emissions and pollution of all kinds. Whether you are car-pooling or self-driving, you need to breathe fresh and pollution-free air for your lungs’ safety. Air purifiers can make your car smell fresher and healthier.        

Modern-day cars come equipped with miniature-sized air purifiers containing HEPA filters to eliminate odors, allergens, and molds. Charcoal air-purifying bags have 100% activated bamboo charcoal that removes car odor for up to two years. You can also consider car ionizers to refresh your car air every five minutes.

7.   Alloy Wheel Your Car Tyres.

Wheels are the backbone of a car of any make and brand. Heavy-weight steel wheels have been around for many years. But alloy wheels are the new-age car accessories occupying the road. They are lighter than steel wheels, have better acceleration and pickup, and are more robust than steel.

Although alloy wheels are slightly expensive, you get a range of attractive design options for your four-wheeler. Upgrade to tubeless tires for functional value.

8.   Phone Mount Your Dashboard.

Phone calls while driving are a big distraction. The turns and bends of a road require utmost concentration. A phone call ring might make you lose your focus and balance on the road. A well-placed phone holder makes it easier for you to attend phone calls, play music, or check the closest refreshment point via the navigation app. The phone mount is also a wireless charger.            

9.   Built-In Security For Your Sunglasses.

Your car may not come with a visor clip to secure your fancy or expensive sunglasses. Putting your sunshades anywhere else in the moving car is not a safe option either.

Car Visor Sunglasses holder is the best place to keep sunglasses when you are at the wheel. It protects your sunglasses from scratches and ensures your driving safety.


Stay away from neon lights. Mount DVD screens behind the front seat headrests to avoid disturbing your driver’s attention. Sanitize your car to minimize risk.


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