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A First Time Traveller’s Guide to Sailing in South Asia

tour boats in south asia
photo by Alana King

When it comes to sailing the world’s great destinations, one should not consider themselves an explorer of our seven seas without venturing into the treasure trove of ports that surround that of Southern Asia.

These vast ports were, and are to this day, abundant with discoveries that will excite all the senses.

This is what made them popular trade routes throughout the centuries, building riches and connections between those of Eastern and Western culture.
Therefore, allow me to guide your vessel into that of the Orient and help you find some of the gems that South Asia has to offer.

Getting a Vessel:

Before you go exploring the glimmering waters of Asia, one of many jewels you should find is that of the boat you choose to sail the luxurious lagoons.

This is where an Iliad 80 Catamaran can be a real gem for any sailor. This can allow you to sail the islands and countries of SE Asia in style and at your control.

The motor sailboat has the perfect design for setting up on shore, or if you have to make an emergency beaching along the shore or a riverbank.

Therefore, whether you anchor in calm waters in Vietnam, or you deal with choppy waters in Bangkok, you’ll be able to sail with a boat that is suitable for all conditions and in all manner of comfort.


Choosing Your Route:

When choosing your route around the Asian continent, it is often a question of where to begin and which direction to tread.

It can be a wise choice to start in Indonesia, with many travellers’ dreams beginning in Bali. Get that tan that so many talk about and enjoy a bit of culture.

Here you can also experience Thailand and its neighbours, with tours ranging from four to seven days covering much of the area, along with Indonesia and Myanmar.

Longer Itinerary – Come Prepared:

If you intend to spend a longer time in certain ports, it is wise to come prepared.

While there is beauty and much of the region is hospitable, if you’re going it alone, it is always wise to read up before you travel.

These factors can be out of logic, respect, and for your safety. They can include a variety of things, such as how you pack, keeping your valuables on you especially in crowds, and packing your own stock of required medications.

Sailing on the River:

A terrific and one of the easiest ways to sail through Asia is via that of the river passages and the many different countries through which they pass.

If you choose the famous Mekong River, you’ll find yourself passing through locations such as China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The river creates a brief east to the west border between Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) and it is a great provider for those of the Thai and particularly Vietnamese communities who still use the river as a trade route.

A great way to experience this is through participating in the river markets that run from the many boats that travel along the river; just make sure you have the correct currency and keep it safe. 

Forecast when to set sail:

When deciding to sail the areas of the South Asian continent, it is wise to forecast and plan so that the weather doesn’t run you off course.

The countries of South Asia are primarily tropical regions, so be ready for it to be warm and humid, depending on when and where you sail.

For a plan on when to trek, the best periods to set a course can be broken down here.


Therefore, whether it’s the lagoons of Phuket or the riverbanks of Phnom Penh, may your maiden voyage of South Asia be a treasure.

Bon Voyage and safe sailing!