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A Los Angeles Adventure Guide

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From the sprawling cityscape, to the hills, valleys, cliffs, and beaches, Los Angeles’ diverse landscape comes filled with so many different things to do. Though largely known for its entertainment-oriented activities like visiting Hollywood or dining downtown at beautiful restaurants, the outdoor world of L.A. is magnificent and abundant in adventures.

For those looking to get out and into nature, here’s our favorite outdoor activities, perfect for your next trip to the City of Angels. 

Biking the Boardwalk: Venice to Santa Monica

Stretching from Marina Del Rey to Venice Beach and all the way to Santa Monica, the boardwalk biking path offers the perfect daytime activity. 

Many of the Venice area hotels like Venice V offer bikes with a room reservation. Should you want to rent, there are a lot of options in the area and Bikes and Hikes L.A. offer delivery options all around the city.

Whether feeling the power of an e-bike or keeping it classic with a city, road, or mountain bike, zipping down the path while soaking in the sunshine, taking in the views, and making pit stops along the way is a definite must for any biking enthusiast.

Watching the sun go down by the Rainbow Lifeguard Tower, stopping at Santa Monica Pier for a quick bite and some arcade games, or continuing on to Malibu via the Pacific Coast Highway are our favorite recommendations. If you continue the bike ride to Malibu, be cognizant of the road traffic and winding nature of the highway!

Hiking through the Hollywood Hills: Hollywood Sign

California is home to many incredible hiking opportunities. With hills interspersed throughout the region, the mix of cityscape views with the surrounding rugged terrain offer a surreal vibe.

If you’re looking for an unparalleled view of the famed Hollywood Sign, join a Bikes and Hikes LA hiking adventure, which will take you through the Hollywood Hills up to, in front of, and behind the sign. Along the way you’ll take in views of different landmarks and film studios, including Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and Disney. Though the hiking path is fairly well maintained, the path can be difficult to locate so joining a hiking tour is definitely worth it.

Into the Blue: Snorkel, Scuba, or Free Dive

With the wonders of the Pacific Ocean along its coastline, Los Angeles is home to some unique diving spots. Though colder in temperatures than other popular diving spots around the world, the coasts of L.A. are rich in coral reefs, kelp forests and other marine life.

Some of the most renown diving spots include: Catalina Island’s Casino Point, Redondo Beach’s Veteran’s Park, and Santa Cruz’s underwater caves and caverns

Lifes a Beach: Yoga, Volleyball, Workout, Board Sports

From sunrise to sunset, there are so many activities to take part in along the sandy shores of Venice Beach.

There’s something so revitalizing about starting your day with morning yoga. The smell of the salty ocean air, the sound of the crashing waves, the feeling of the sand between your toes—it’s a calming experience all on its own. Mix in a skilled yogi to lead you through a routine, and the start to your day can’t get much better than that. If you’re not one to love getting a little bit sandy, rooftop yoga is also a huge trend in Los Angeles and the views are spectacular.

During the day, opt to hop into a game of pickup beach volleyball or jump on the workout equipment at Muscle Beach.

If you’re a board sport fanatic, hit up the Venice Beach Skate Park or rent a surfboard and catch a wave at sunset.

For more Los Angeles adventure inspiration, visit DiscoverLosAngeles.com.

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