Christmas comes every year, and this year is no exception. The Santa Claus Office has been busy arranging video call services for Santa Claus to be a part of people’s lives all over the world. Every child and people children at hearts are waiting for Christmas and for that special moment – meeting Santa.

“During these calls, just like when people visit us here, the adults are also often quite emotional. Many of them like to look back on the Christmases of their childhood or their dreams of meeting Santa. This Christmas in particular, many have longed for the carefree Christmases of their childhood. That’s the sort of atmosphere they now want to create for their children or their working communities, for example. Santa is very pleased that the elves have come up with this clever way of keeping in touch with people. Great video conference tools help deliver the magic of Christmas and Lapland from the Santa Claus Office to every home and community,” says Head Elf Minttu Kariniemi-Aula, Santa Claus Office.

This year, Santa has had video calls with not only individuals but also various communities, such as day care centers and schools all around the world. Calling a community full of children requires a particular sense of responsibility and social skills. The elves at Santa Claus Office have, since 1992, accumulated more than 10,000 days of experience in this.

Christmas magic all year round

For Santa Claus meeting all the children and people who are children at hearts or in need for joy and hope is the most important thing. Usually every year, more than 500,000 people visit Santa at Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi.

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