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A traveler’s guide to sports in the USA 

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Many travelers have the USA as a bucket list destination and it’s not hard to figure out why. The country offers up just about everything a traveler could want with everything from long beaches to vibrant and bustling cities. 

But it’s not all hamburgers and friendly people: Americans love their sports with a passion and it’s great fun paying a visit to a game in the states. Regardless of whether or not you have some knowledge of American sports through nba parlay picks and the like, or have no prior knowledge, fun times can take place at American sports events. 

The 4 major American sports 

There are four behemoths in the American sport scene. The biggest and most popular sports are without a question American football and basketball, but hockey and baseball also have a big and loyal following. 

Going to a sports game in the US a cultural experience 

Even if you’re not usually the biggest sports fan in the world you can still have a lot of fun at an American sporting event. The stadiums are huge and are a bit of an attraction in and of themselves and are always jam packed with entertainment when there is a break in the game. The food tends to be amazing as well and the entire experience is wildly different to anything you would find somewhere else in the world. 

Cheapest to most expensive 

If you’re traveling on a budget or just aren’t willing to spend considerable amounts of money to watch a sport you know little about, your best bet is going to be baseball. The baseball season stretches across 164 games, with the least expensive tickets being found in the summer.  Basketball and American Football tend to be the most expensive. 

If you’re just looking to catch a game but don’t really care at what level it can be a great idea to check out if there are some college games being played near the place you’re visiting. College sports are absolutely massive in the US with many colleges outselling professional teams. These tickets are usually a lot cheaper and can be found more easily.  

Most major cities have at least one big sports team 

Almost all big cities across the country have at least one big sports team, with the largest usually having three or four. Therefore it can usually be packed into a regular trip without too much extra work.