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Advice for Staying Safe on a Solo Vacation

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Vacationing in an unfamiliar place can be scary even when you’re in a group, but what about if you want to go alone?

There’s certainly safety in numbers, but you can still have an amazing trip if you’re smart about what you do. Finding the perfect place to stay in is the first step so you at least have a temporary place to call home in a new environment!

There are some basic precautions you should take if you plan on flying alone. Some are common sense, but it can be easy to want to let loose when you’re on vacation!

If you’re traveling by yourself, then it’s extremely important to look out for yourself and be careful about what you get into. You won’t have anyone to watch your back and the stakes are certainly higher.

Below are a few helpful tips for making a solo vacation significantly safer, letting you fully enjoy your you-time!

Maintain Communication

One of the most important things you can do while traveling is maintaining constant communication with friends or family back home.

This means updating them with your daily agenda, including where you’re going and when you’ll be there. You should also tell them when you’ll return and give them a text or call so that they know you’re safe.

Consider also telling someone that works at your hotel so someone local has an idea of where to tell authorities to look in case you go missing.

If you disappear and nobody knows where you went, then there’s a much slimmer chance of you getting rescued should you get injured and stranded.

Avoid Recklessness

Another helpful suggestion is to avoid being reckless.

Vacations are certainly meant to be enjoyed, but this doesn’t mean you should lower your inhibitions and chase any adventure that comes your way.

If you walk around with a sense of invincibility, then you might be tempted to get hammered or make questionable choices that you wouldn’t normally make. When there’s nobody you know around to judge your decisions, it’s easier to do whatever you want.

Unfortunately, this puts you at danger of getting robbed, picking up an STI, or even crossing into criminal behavior. All of these have consequences that will follow you all the way home, making you wish you had acted smarter in the first place!

Don’t be afraid to loosen up a little bit, but never let your guard down completely and certainly don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally.

Hide Valuables

You should also make an effort to hide any valuables you have.

Tourists are often one of the biggest targets for local thieves and scammers due to how easy they are. On vacation, you’re likely to have cash on you and will surely have valuables close at hand.

Make sure you aren’t openly displaying your phone, wallet, any jewelry, or an expensive camera. All of these are ripe for a thief’s picking and can quickly make your vacation even more costly should you need to replace any of them.

Be smart about what you choose to bring around with you and leave anything unnecessary at the hotel. Never walk around with wads of cash and avoid using rear pockets if you have them.

Stay Alert

Making a conscious effort to stay vigilant and alert at all times will also serve you well.

This doesn’t mean that you should be suspicious of everyone that walks by, but instead, make sure to stay in the moment and keep an eye on the people around you.

Imagine walking through a shadier neighborhood near where you live. Are you going to pop your headphones in and slowly meander about? Not a chance!

Instead, you’ll keep your eyes and ears peeled to make sure you aren’t an easy target. Even just displaying that you aren’t oblivious to your surroundings can help to make you a less attractive target.

Research Beforehand

One final piece of advice is to do some research on the location you’re visiting before you get there.

In an area you’re unfamiliar with, you won’t know the local tourist traps and dangerous areas to avoid. You certainly don’t want to get caught clueless in a sketchy part of town.

You can take the wisdom of other tourists that have already fallen victim to scams and dangers without needing to experience them yourself. This will also inform you as to what methods of public transportation are safe.

The best way of protecting yourself is to know what to look out for. When you know what dangers you’re facing, it makes it easier for you to know exactly what you need to avoid.

Closing Thoughts

Safety is sure to be a concern when traveling alone, especially if you’re a woman. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying a solo vacation!

With some careful planning, you can make your safety less of an issue.

Keep friends, family, and a hotel member aware of what you’re doing and where you’ll be daily.

Refrain from being reckless and remember you’re in an unfamiliar new environment.

Hide any valuables you have and stay alert, keeping an eye on the people around you.

Don’t forget to research your vacation destination beforehand so you have some knowledge to help you make smarter choices about what to avoid.

Following these tips will help lower the risk of traveling alone. Nothing will ruin a vacation quicker than being robbed or taken advantage of for being a tourist!



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