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All you need to know about playing Baccarat online

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If you want to learn how to play baccarat for real money, you have to play & practice, however, for those late to the game, this baccarat article is a great introduction to familiarize yourself with the rules. Baccarat is a card game that can be enjoyed with just a few hints. The basic strategy of baccarat is to get a total of 9 on 2 cards, you can check this baccarat strategy if you would like to start playing this marvellous game and get some advantage.

Gamblers can gamble on either the dealer’s hand or the player’s hand &, with luck,  choose the hand closest to nine without exceeding it. Although the details of the table game get more complicated, baccarat is still 1 of the easiest casino games to learn as there is no specific strategic way to win it. This is a game of pure luck like craps, roulette & keno. Still, gambling is one of his most exciting.

Grab your bicycle cards because it’s time to go through the rules of the game of Baccarat.


The rules of Baccarat are simple at first, but get a little complicated as the game advances. For example, the essential objective of this game is to hit (or get as close as possible to) the number nine with 2 cards.

Since each two-digit number is reduced by 10, you can hit up to 9 numbers. For example, if you roll 2 & 6, the sum is 8. If the dealer rolls a 3 & 4, you have a 7. Your hand wins because it’s close to 9. Easy, right?

Well, things change once you start shuffling the face cards. The queen is a wash, so the sum of the queen & six, is six. In baccarat, the ace card is worth 1 & the other face cards are worth nothing. So an ace & a six total seven, but 2 kings total 0.

Pickups get easier over time, but your main goal is to pick a winning hand. In other words, you want to gamble on the hand that will be a total of 9 or is the closest to 9.

A decision must be made whether to bet on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand, & the decision must be made before the cards are dealt.

A hand can end in a draw or a push. You have the opportunity to bet on this possibility with the benefit of higher payouts.

Baccarat usually pays out eight to one if you bet on a draw & win. If you bet on a player’s hand and win, it pays one for one or money payouts for leading dealer bets are about the same.

However, there is a small fee. The house has a slight advantage depending on how the cards are dealt, so if you bet correctly on the dealer’s hand, you will have to pay five of the even money you win. So, if you bet one hundred on the dealer and he wins, you will get back your original wager plus 100.

The dealer also has to deduct a five fee to keep the path of what is owed on edged side bets & fees before leaving the table. In online games, usually, the dealer’s hand fee for winning his bet is automatically deducted from each hand.

Beyond these rules, some charts dictate how the dealer is advised to play the cards. For example, if the total is three & the player has five in hand, the rules determine whether another card should be dealt. Of course, these will vary depending on where you play & the specific rules, but for more information ask your dealer for a copy or press the ‘i’ button when playing online.

As a gambler, unlike many other games, you don’t actually get your hands on your baccarat cards in a casino. Of course, if you play live online, this would be the case with any game.