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AlUla Unveils a Summer of Exceptional Adventures

Saudi destination offers an exclusive, eco-friendly escape from the summer crowds, with array of activities such as morning hikes, art workshops, hot air ballooning, cultural tours, stargazing and more

The ancient oasis city of AlUla has unveiled an exceptional array of adventure and wellness activities, nature and cultural tours, and unmatched hotel deals crafted to make AlUla a summer getaway of untold stories for travelers to experience.

As a destination known for its serenity, luxury and sustainable ethos, AlUla offers an exclusive escape from the summer crowds, complete with high-end eco-friendly resorts that offer competitive summer rates, superior availability and peaceful sanctuaries where visitors can rejuvenate amidst lush oases and vibrant culture.

Situated in north-western Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a forever revitalizing year-round destination where the summer climate is notably cooler and less humid than neighboring cities, with temperatures 5°C to 10°C lower, making it an ideal haven for those seeking a summer getaway or a luxurious remote working experience.  

Summer in AlUla: Highlights

Unbeatable hotel offers: AlUla’s high-end resorts have gotten even more accessible as guests can take advantage of exceptional promotions such as the Banyan Tree AlUla‘s advance purchase offer, which grants up to a 15% discount for bookings made 15 days or more in advance. For those planning longer stays, the ‘Stay More, Pay Less’ deal offers a 20% reduction on the booking for each night with a minimum three-night stay. Additionally, the ‘Come Closer’ package enriches a three-night stay with exclusive inclusions like a romantic dinner for two, a 60-minute spa treatment, and 30 minutes of relaxation.

Meanwhile, Habitas AlUla’s summer package is priced at SAR 7,500 for a three-night stay in a Canyon villa, suitable for up to two guests. This package includes daily complimentary breakfast and dinner, SAR 500 credit for Thuraya Wellness spa treatments, and access to daily programming activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sustainable and artistic retreat immersed in nature.

Other great value summer offers include Cloud7 Residences (rooms from 785 SAR a night and a stay for 4 pay for 3 offer), Shaden Resort (rooms starting from 799 SAR), Sahary AlUla Resort (rooms starting from 575 SAR), Ashar Tented Resort (rooms from 901 SAR per night), the newly opened Dar Tantora The House Hotel (rooms starting from 1,200 SAR).

Spectacular pools: Escape the midday heat with a refreshing dip in the uniquely stunning pools of AlUla. For ultimate relaxation, the luxurious infinity pools at Habitas, Banyan Tree and Dar Tantora The House Hotel, or enjoy the privacy of your own villa pool at Banyan Tree. Alternatively, experience the breathtaking natural surroundings with scenic pool views at Shaden Resort and Cloud7 Residences, offering an immersive connection with nature.

Artistic exploration: Get creative over the summer at Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s first Arts and Design Centre, where visitors can engage in hands-on workshops on traditional arts, such as jewelry, embroidery, and ceramics. Find abundant artistic inspiration at Design Space AlUla, where the inaugural exhibition ‘Mawrid: Celebrating Inspired Design’ is open until 1st June, showcasing the design thinking process behind 10 AlUla-inspired projects across design, architecture, and urban planning.

Movies and more: Cinema AlJadidah, AlUla’s premier outdoor theatre, is set to host film screenings that will entertain, educate, and captivate audiences. Inspiring children’s film ‘Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo’ will be screened between 23-25 May, and a ‘Kids Animation Night’ featuring short Saudi animations will take place from 30 May to 1 June. The movie ‘Hajjan’ and an evening of ‘Saudi Shorts’ will be available to watch from 6-8 June. ‘Slave’ will be screened from 27-29 June. Learn more about art at the crossroads of cinema with three exclusive events: 23-25 May: a cinematic musical improvisation workshop called ‘Make it Loud!’ led by music technologist and composer Mihran Gurunian, 30 May to 1 June: an interactive presentation called ‘Stitching Stories: The Art and Influence of Costume Design in Movies’ with costume designer Reem El Adl, and on June 27-29: a performance combining film projection and live acting followed by an acting workshop led by actors Yasin Ghazzawi and Haneen Turkistany.

Night Arachnid Hunt: Embark on an evening nature walk in the Sharaan Nature Reserve, where adventurers can discover scorpions, spiders, and various critters glowing under UV light, safely under the guidance of expert supervisors.

Hot Air Balloon Flights: AlUla’s landscape is as captivating and grand as its rich history, and the best way to fully appreciate its splendor is by soaring above it in a hot air balloon at sunrise. Experience this breathtaking view with AlUla’s official balloon operator, Hero Balloon Flights.

Adventure Hub: Unleash your spirit of adventure with a variety of exciting activities, day or night, in AlUla’s stunning desert terrain. Choose from the Giant Swing, abseiling, ziplining, and more to renew energy and restore vitality in the breathtaking natural landscape.

AlUla Desert Blaze: The hottest racing challenge returns for a second edition in August, perfect for rugged adventurers who will speed through the city’s iconic landmarks.

Hegra Wildlife and Nature Tour: This specially curated tour offers private entry into an exclusive area of Hegra with an adventure rover and a skilled guide. Unlike typical tours of Hegra and the Nabataean tombs, this experience offers encounters with epic landscapes and delicate nature, intertwined with the evidence of life and legacy dating back thousands of years.

Hegra Night Tour: As the sun sets and the stars slowly emerge, guides lead visitors to ancient monuments, unveiling captivating tales of the civilizations that thrived in this once vibrant city.

Stargazing in Habitas or Gharameel: Begin this otherworldly experience with a leisurely walk to soak in the enchanting landscapes, then gather around for an evening of mesmerizing storytelling under the stars.

Madhakel Wildlife Hike: Located in Sharaan Nature Reserve, Madakhel Canyon offers an exceptional hiking experience. Shaded trails wind through lush vegetation, and narrow canyons provide relief from the sun. Encounter diverse wildlife and admire the stunning geological formations.