AMYO is launching a jewelry-friendly hand sanitizer spray. The spray, which can be used both on hands as well as products and surfaces, is comprised of jewelry-safe ingredients such as purified water and organic lavender essential oils.

AMYO founder Gina Nam, saw an opportunity to provide customers with an on-the-go disinfectant that will not dull their jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Gina says, “The hand sanitizers on the market right now aren’t jewelry friendly because they use harsh ingredients that tarnish the metals and plating. Ours is a safe alternative for those looking for the benefit of a sanitizer while maintaining their jewelry, we made sure to utilize jewelry-safe ingredients.” The brand, which is based out of NYC, has stayed strong through the pandemic, managing to maintain operations while keeping their staff safe and healthy. The sanitizer is currently available at in 2 fl oz/60ml bottles.


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