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Arcadia’s new expedition to Cuba

Exploring the captivating highlights of Cuba, this one-of-a-kind expedition is led by renowned historian Michael Bustamante. Taking a deep dive into the history of the Revolution, specially curated meetings with Cubans from all walks of life provides the opportunity to go behind the scenes and gain a rare insight into life in modern Cuba.

old car driving in Havana

Arcadia’s ‘Cuba: Revolution Past & Present’ expedition tells the story of Cuba’s fascinating history and its people. Following Fidel Castro’s revolution, Cuba was catapulted to the forefront of a global power struggle, with events such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis putting Cuba on the front line of the Cold War. Against all odds, the Cuban revolutionary experiment continues today, with Cuba remaining one of the last outposts of state socialism in the world.

Travelling across the island from east to west, groups stay in the country’s most atmospheric luxury boutique accommodation and, with extended stays in the colonial gems of Trinidad and the capital Havana, there is plenty of time to experience Cuba’s iconic pastimes. From riding in classic cars and snorkelling over war relics, to taking a percussion class and sampling the very best cigars and rum with local experts, each day offers an opportunity for immersion in Cuba’s vibrant energy.

Arcadia Expeditions Co-Founder, David Mannix says this pioneering trip is for those who want to enrich their understanding of this intriguing country. “Cuba’s revolution is now at a critical moment in its history; the romanticism and nostalgia of the revolution is fading for many Cuban’s today. Throughout our journey, we have arranged exclusive meetings with local journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, and even Che Guevara’s son, to give us a unique insight into daily issues faced by Cubans and their diverse hopes for change.”

Mannix adds: “Having Cuban expert Michael Bustamante along as our Storyteller for this expedition is a real coup for Arcadia. Michael is perfectly qualified to help us examine how Cuban socialism has survived and, if the socialist utopia promised by the Castro brothers has been irreparably transformed.”

For more information, visit the Arcadia Expeditions website: www.arcadiaexpeditions.com.