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Authentically Jamaican Vacation Awaits At S Hotel Jamaica

S Hotel Jamaica
Images courtesy of Christopher Warren Palmer for S Hotel Jamaica

According to American Express Travel’s “2023 Global Travel Trends Report,” authentic travel remains top of mind for vacationers across the globe. For those who seek more than a cookie-cutter vacation in the Caribbean, there’s no better place to experience local culture than at the independently-owned, 120-room S Hotel Jamaica. Located on celebrated Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, the S Hotel made waves in 2019 when the Jamaican-owned, boutique property opened, bringing a breath of fresh, local air that stands out amid the island’s chain resorts. 

Now, the property is making life easier for guests by becoming all-inclusive—without losing a bit of its only-in-Jamaica ambience. S Hotel has always celebrated authentic Jamaica with its stunning views of the island’s nature, displays of local artwork, and Jamaican cuisine from cakes to curries. Then, of course, there’s the décor, by Jamaican-born Interior Designer Alison Antrobus of Antrobus Design Collective. She maintains the rich Jamaican cultural heritage throughout by layering materials, art, and architecture to provide a sense of place, reflective of Jamaica. Now, five years after its debut, S Hotel is building on that foundation, upping the ante by highlighting Jamaica’s narrative throughout on-property cultural offerings from galleries to live music, vibrant cuisine, and new amenities. 

“At S Hotel Jamaica, we are proud of our island’s rich culture which plays an integral role in visitors’ overall impression of Jamaica,” said Ann-Marie Goffe-Pryce General Manager of S Hotel Jamaica. “The new amenities we offer allow them to fully immerse themselves in the timeless aspects of Jamaica.” 


As stunning as the view of the beach is, you’ll find even more Jamaican wonders to admire on-site, as the S Hotel has transformed parts of the property into a museum, showcasing a treasure trove of sculptures and hand-painted murals by some of the island’s renowned artists. Not only do the visual delights found peppered throughout the property celebrate local artists, they also make it easy for Instagrammers to capture great content. Among the must-see sights you’ll spot:

  • In front of the hotel sits a replica of the nostalgic 1953 Singer SM 1500 Roadster, the car driven around Montego Bay by Katharine Hepburn as seen in the iconic shot captured by society photographer Slim Aarons.  
  • A bobsled, located the 5th floor, which is a tribute to the Jamaican four-man bobsled team that debuted to the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics. 
  • Life-like sculptures of national heroes crafted out of recycled materials by the talented Jamaican artist Scheed Cole. New sculptures are added to the collection every year, joining Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Samuel Sharpe, Marcus Garvey, Nanny of the Maroons, and track and field legend Usain Bolt.
  • Murals throughout the hotel, by Fiona Godfrey, Rohan Blair, Damion Elliot, and Ricardo Edward, add a colorful and vibrant flair to the overall ambiance. 
  • One-of-a-kind pieces can also be seen throughout the lobby including pieces by Jamaican wood sculptor Tamara Harding of Mara Made Designs, who creates furniture out of salvaged wood.
  • In your room, keep your eyes out for decorative elements of local life, such as dominoes, a record player with Bob Marley’s greatest hits on vinyl and Red Stripe Beer.


Visitors can also become part of the island’s artistic vibe by participating in weekly Paint & Sip classes. Local artist Edmando Souza guides guests as they capture majestic sunsets over Montego Bay onto keepsake canvases. Classes are located in the beautiful Sky Deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea.


In addition to beloved classics including The Marketplace, Rocksteady, and the 24-hour S Café, this year, S Hotel launched two new restaurants and reimagined the poolside Vibes Bar and Grill.

Roots Rock, in a gorgeous space designed by Rohan Blair using some of Jamaica’s most influential musical personalities as inspiration for the artworks, elevates classics such as ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken, and oxtail. Dishes are prepared with fresh, local ingredients and served in new and innovative interpretations. Don’t miss the large mural honoring Jamaican Roots Rock reggae artists.

New restaurant Roots Rock at S Hotel Jamaica courtesy of Christopher Warren Palmer

Jamrock, a 5th-floor, dinner-only option with sweeping views of the ocean, is an opportunity to try something different: entrées are cooked on heated rocks, making them literally earth to plate.

The go-to poolside Vibes Bar and Grill now resembles a classic Jamaican Jerk Shack serving up jerk chicken and pork, rice and peas, and other local favorites along with Red Stripe, pale lager brewed in Jamaica. 

The hotel also features weekly rum tastings, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee tastings, and Jamaican cooking demonstrations. 


In addition to enjoying an epicurean escape, visitors can feed their souls by immersing themselves in Jamaica’s rich music culture through performances by the resident band J Soul, and the hotel’s steel band Positive Vibrations. Befitting an island known for its music scene, the property showcases local talent every day of the week, with music ranging from traditional reggae to modern dancehall music.

And, as of this September, from Wednesdays through Saturdays guests can dance the night away at Club S, a Jamaican passa passa style nightclub on-site. (Passa passa refers to the weekly reggae street parties that originated in Kingston but are now celebrated all over the island.)


Connect to Jamaica’s serenity at Irie Spa & Baths, where treatments incorporate local ingredients and classes are led by local instructors in the beauty of Jamaica’s natural surroundings. Signature treatments include the Blue Mountain Body ‘Brasian’ Scrub and the Beach, Lime & Coconut Body Cocktail. ​​On Doctor’s Cave Beach, next to its healing waters, Jamaican-born yoga instructor Cassanie McKenzie invites guests on a Namaste journey featuring yoga sequences at sunrise to start the day. And inside the spa, Irie Baths features three subterranean marble plunge pools consisting of varying temperatures (warm, hot and cold) offering kinetic energy therapy while aiding circulation.