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Become ALIVE again

Now 2 months into 2019, how far are you into your goals relating to happiness, health, fulfillment, relationships and purpose? Why not become alive in 2019 with The ALIVE Experience.  

Founded by notable Canadian and Philanthropist and serial entrepreneur, Zark Fatah, The ALIVE Experience is a curated transformational travel concept that offers the elements of self-development, wellness, adventure and connection in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, providing the opportunity to disconnect from your busy life so you can reconnect with yourself and others and discover what really matters most to you. Zark Fatah has created over a dozen businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry during the past 15 years and now he is combining his expertise in events and marketing with his passion for travel and self-development to bring like minded people together for the ALIVE Experience.

The ALIVE Experience is designed to fulfill on the 5 elements that are:

A – Adventure is designed to push your boundaries and have you discover an excitement that’s been missing. 

– Learning brings together a panel of highly trained coaches and professional speakers who will share their genius with you on topics such as discovering your purpose or pursuing your passion. 

– Inspiration by raking a break from your busy life and immerse yourself in nature and re-discover the joy from the simple things in life. 

– Vitality by starting your day with daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as organic home cooked meals throughout the trip.

– Elevation by bringing together like-minded individuals who share the desire to live their best lives possible. 

This year’s upcoming trips include:

  • Nosara, Costa Rica : March 16 – 23 
  • Algonquin Park : June 28 – July 2 (Canada Day weekend)
  • Bali, Indonesia : November 2 – 12

It is not the typical retreat, and it is more than an all-inclusive vacation. The ALIVE Experience is a curated a week of workshops, activities and excursions to inspire and empower you to create a profound shift in the areas of life that are important to you; happiness, health, fulfillment, relationships and purpose.

Our immersive program includes; insightful workshops by highly trained coaches sharing their knowledge and valuable life lessons, a wellness program that includes yoga classes, meditation sessions, group workouts and healthy organic meals. During our trip you will also enjoy exciting adventurous activities to push your boundaries and excursions to experience the local landmarks and culture.

Our trips range from 5 – 10 days in length and include all meals, accommodations, local transports, activities, workshops and excursions.

Whatever aspect of your life you are looking to elevate, this is your opportunity to create that transformation. You will reconnect with yourself and discover what you truly want to create for your life. We promise that you will develop new friendships and share life-changing moments together. You will also learn the tools to discover your purpose and get clear on how to pursue your true passion. Our goal is that you return home happier, healthier, inspired and truly ALIVE!

This is the promise and commitment of the ALIVE Experience.


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