Virgin Limited Edition launches video series to give a behind the scenes look at Sir Richard Branson’s sustainable island haven, Necker Island

Virgin Limited Edition has launched the first of a four-part video series – ‘Creating A Better Future’ – inviting viewers to gain first-hand insight into the extensive and ongoing work that is transforming one of the world’s most exclusive private island retreats in the British Virgin Islands, to one that is now leading the way in sustainability and conservation. 

Displayed in its most authentic, natural state, the four-part series shares direct insight from the team behind the scenes, into the many ways in which Necker Island is continuing its commitment to creating a truly unique, wholly sustainable, conservation haven for animals and people alike.

“If you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you are known around the world, for one reason or another, it’s incredibly important to set a good example to others.” – Sir Richard Branson

Committed to ensuring the island and wider BVI continues to thrive for years to come, each video will shine a light on the various ways the island is and intends to continue making strides in the sustainability space and highlight the need for good leadership, now more than ever.

Renewable Energy – 1st November 2022 
Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in 2017, the island underwent an extensive rebuild, which included the installation of three giant wind turbines, which, combined with a solar farm of over 1,230 solar panels, enables the island to run at up to 100% renewable energy. With a goal of eliminating fossil fuel consumption and achieving net zero by 2030, this is just a starting point, and part of a wider sustainability effort island-wide; from an extensive recycling programme to collecting and repurposing hundreds of gallons of water for irrigation.

Food Miles – 15th November 2022
With a goal of becoming the most sustainable island in the world, Necker’s chefs are driving change both inside and outside of the kitchen, challenging themselves to think creatively at all times. This includes everything from sourcing food locally in order to reduce food miles, to growing and producing as much food in the islands farm and vegetable gardens as possible. It is a passion and a priority to not only celebrate but sustain the BVI, and it is this passion that guests experience first-hand at each and every meal.

Wildlife and Conservation – 29th November 2022
Providing 74 acres of unspoiled natural beauty, Necker is the most biodiverse island in the BVI and home to over 140 species of animals – 70% of which are facing extinction around the world. Passionately talked about by the island’s Wildlife Conservation Manager, viewers can learn more about the ways in which the island cares for its animal friends, and how it has become a habitat and natural breeding ground for some of the world’s rarest animals; from giant tortoises, lizards, flamingos, and other endangered species including rare Madagascan Lemurs. View the full series here: Creating A Better Future