Gold will always be on the menu for a wedding. It’s full of symbolism. Plus it looks really nice. This article will give you some of the best wedding sites you can find in a jewellery shop online. Read on for the reviews!

Cobalt 14k Gold Inlay 8mm Wedding Ring Band Precious Metal Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

This band combines cobalt and gold for a lovely take on a wedding band. Cobalt is already an unusual material to find in jewellery. The gold is only a thin strip in the middle of the silver cobalt, but that doesn’t mean it takes a back seat. Quite the opposite, It is what rescues the cobalt from blandness. The gold draws the eye to the ring. For extra effect, it uses yellow gold and not any other type. This might have lessened the overall effect.

14k Yellow Gold Adjustable Wedding Ring Band Cute Toe Set Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

Here’s something unusual! While still gold wedding jewellery, this is a toe ring set, rather than one for your finger. This adjustable set will ensure that you can wear your ring no matter what. If the heat makes your toes swell up, no problem! Just adjust the ring to fit. If you like something a bit more unusual, then this is the set for you. If you live somewhere you can wear sandals, this is a good choice for a ring.

14k White Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Ring Band Size 5 Classic Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

This ring, at first glance, doesn’t look unusual. It is a fairly band made of white gold. What sets it apart is the shape of the band itself. Most rings have a normal looking semi-circle shape. This ring has edges to it. It has what is called a knife-edge on either side of it, rising to a point in the middle. This ring is good for subtle people. It’s a good ring for people who don’t want to stand out.

14k White Gold Wedding Ring Band Fancy Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

A nice ring in white gold with engravings. This ring has etched engravings around the outside of it. These engravings are offset by two tiny outlines of beads around each edge of the ring. The ring is rhodium plated, but the colour exactly matches that of the ring itself. Anybody who has this ring will have something that looks very special! The ring is wide enough that the inside could be engraved as well. It all depends on what you are looking for in a ring.

14k Rose Gold 3mm Design Etched Wedding Ring Band Fancy Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

Rose gold is still not super common, but it is making a comeback. This is an absolutely beautiful ring. The etching is delicate and uniform, and draws the eye. The edges of the ring feature a geometrical stamp that goes all the way around.

This ring is good for anyone who wants something that is unusual, and yet not flashy. It doesn’t need stones or inlays to stand out. This ring is perfect for people who want some uniqueness in their jewellery.


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