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Best TikTok Accounts to Help Learn a Second Language

Credit: AT Frenchies

Nowadays, it seems that there is a demand for language learning, especially amongst the Gen Z population – with 60% of learners in the US alone being aged under 30.  

In fact, a new study by Preply even revealed that being bilingual increases your chances of prospering in wealth. 

With a particular focus on the UK job market, Preply’s findings show that, on average, Au Pairs earn more than accountants,  while International Sales Managers earn almost as much as lawyers. 

So, for those keen to get started and rack in the cash, the team at Preply has provided a roundup of the most influential language learning accounts across TikTok. 

1. AT Frenchies – @atfrenchies – 2.1M Followers – French 

Known as the two brothers ‘lost in the US’, Alex and Tom’s TikTok channel is very popular among users who want to pick up French. 

The great thing about their channel is that the content is not just simply French for dummies. Rather, Alex and Tom address cultural expressions such as how to say ‘love at first sight’ and how to pronounce superhero names in French. 

They also inform their audiences about lifestyle elements such as fashion trends in France and dating as a bilingual person in the US. 

2. Margherita – @italianmatters – 1.4M Followers – Italian 

When it comes to learning Italian on TikTok, the best thing to do is count on Margherita (and no, we don’t mean the devil-in-disguise cocktail). 

Margherita’s content covers the all you need to know elements about Italian language learning – from basic words and phrases to colloquial expressions. 

Having a PhD in Applied Linguistics and being from Italy herself, you know you’re in capable hands with her. 

3. Nathalie Kitahara – @nathaliekitahara – 218.2K Followers – Japanese 

There is no doubt that Japanese is a difficult language to pick up, but hopefully Nathalie will make the task a little bit easier. 

As part of her channel, Natalie specialises in daily Japanese lessons, mixed with a range of stories. From teaching us about basic Japanese abbreviations to even providing Japan travelling tips, her content is highly useful. 

What’s more, you get a sense of her passion for all things anime in her videos, as she reviews the cultural impact of various Japanese shows.

4. Diego Rivas – @diego.j.rivas – 159.3K Followers – Spanish 

He may coin himself as the ‘CEO of Gibberish’, but influencer Diego Rivas certainly knows his stuff when it comes to language. 

If you already know a bit of Spanish and want to brush up your skills, Diego’s channel is a must-watch. 

Providing videos on the most difficult Spanish words to pronounce,to outlining popular translations, he will get you ready to communicate flawlessly with the locals on your next Spanish holiday. Salute!  

5. Lingopie – @lingopietv – 120.5K Followers – Multiple Languages 

Want to have a go at grasping multiple languages? Check out Lingopie’s TikTok account. 

From Portuguese to Korean, this channel is aimed at the avid language learner who wants to immerse themselves in several different cultures. 

Users will be impressed to know that the content of this account is not just 100% language learning, as it also showcases funny memes as well as film and TV recommendations. 

6. Jasmin Burger – @easypeasygerman – 654.5K Followers – German 

The name says it all – Jasmin really does teach beginners easy peasy German with her channel. 

She essentially does this through making very short lessons on TikTok in which she outlines basic German grammar, vocabulary and slang. 

As an added element, she also teaches her audience about German culture and the different ways to get by in the beautiful country. 

7. Learn Arabic with Abdo – @levelupurarabic – 44.8K Followers – Arabic 

With Arabic being the fifth most popular language spoken globally, there is no wonder an increasing number of people want to learn it.  Fortunately, we have the Learn Arabic with Abdo TikTok channel. Being a certified Arabic teacher himself, Abdo teaches his audience about all things related to the language – from everyday phrases, grammar and even pronunciation.