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Best Ways To Gamble Online In Africa

Online gambling has gone global with countries that once greatly opposed legalizing casinos, now welcoming both live and online gambling. This includes Africa, the second largest continent in the world with 40 out of 54 countries have legalized some form of gambling. Here are the best ways to gamble online in Africa.

Online-Only Casinos

South Africa alone has over 40 live casinos, and countries like Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, and Botswana have casinos and resort hotels that rival Las Vegas. The casinos are a tourist attraction for nationals and foreigners alike, often located in large metropolitan areas as one of the many things to do and see in town such as the resort area in Sun City, South Africa. There are many casinos to choose from, and Gambling News Magazine shares some of the best live casinos in Africa.

When it comes to gambling online in Africa, check first to see if the casinos nearest you offer online gambling options. Otherwise, you can head online to online casinos. To reach a larger global market many online sites in other countries and continents accept foreign players. These sites have strong geolocation tools so you will need to find a site that accepts players from your country. The countries eligible to gamble vary greatly by site, so you will need to perform a bit of research

Before you add funds to any digital gambling site, do your homework to ensure they are reputable. Look for online reviews placed on gambling websites. Also, be mindful of how long they have been in operation. It’s not that a new online casino isn’t reputable—you just must be more diligent in your research.

On Your Phone

We have all grown accustomed to gaming on our mobile phones so if it’s more convenient for you, find a casino that has a mobile app. Beyond browsing to see if an online casino is legal and reputable, consider what makes each casino unique. For example, are you playing poker against a computer or are you mobile or online gambling with a live dealer? Are these solo games or multiplayer? Can you engage with other players?

The live dealer feature in digital gambling was made popular with many US casinos. Just like in Africa, whether live or online gambling varies from state to state—and the laws are quite complex in the states. Gamblers Daily Digest looks at the legalization of online gambling in the US.

In general, all digital gambling options have better rewards than live casinos. This is due to a combination of the low overhead, the increased capacity of being able to take an unlimited volume of players, as well as the option to gamble 24 hours a day.

Think you’ll miss the live action? Here’s what Bryan Thompson of Online Casino Gems has to say about that: “There is without a doubt electricity when gambling in a live casino. However, playing poker or your favorite casino game online comes with its own unique benefits. Not only can you game when you like but you can slowly build your skill, while betting less per game. And you will still feel an electric surge as you play. In fact, some players can focus better when playing online.”

Sports Betting

If casino games aren’t your preference but you love sports explore your options in online sports betting sites. In fact, online sports betting is more profitable in Africa and many countries around the world than traditional online casino games. This isn’t just due to popularity but because people are more inclined to bet a bit more when it’s a sporting event, especially a team they love.

No need to feel limited to local sports as you can bet on games, teams, fights, and sporting events from around the world. Look for sports betting sites in your country as well as global sites that accept bets from all over the world. This includes many sites in the US and UK who welcome foreign gamblers. :  In fact, most online gambling sites in the US cater only to foreign gamblers as online gambling laws are still a bit complex. Be sure to check out these premium betting tips to make the most out of your bets placed.

Millennials Gamble More

Millennials are the fastest-growing smartphone gambling demographics in Africa. CNBC Africa shares the surprising statistics from a 2017 GeoPoll conducted with over 2,700 African millennials across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Some of the key findings include that up to 54% of those surveyed ages 17 and 35 have sports gambled on their smartphones. In Kenya, this number goes up to 74%.

Technology introduces these same millennials to the global online gambling scene. The combination of satellite TV connecting millennials to global sports and the increased adoption of smartphone introduces Africans of all ages to the global sports scene. Online gambling options are inexpensive and once a balance is uploaded to a mobile app can easily be played anywhere with internet connection to pass time. 

Online Gambling As A Career

Serious gamblers have serious strategies and online gambling and digital sports betting are creating a new generation of professional gamblers. In fact, many newbies start by playing the free gaming apps where you pay to upgrade, but never to bet. Once someone finds they are skilled at the free games they try their hand at betting.

Professional gamblers have personal strategies but may also use a growing number of professional resources. This ESPN article discusses the use of a predictive game app that helps players select their winning teams. Tools like this combined with skill and research have pros betting on teams and sports they might not consider otherwise. It’s always a gamble but there are strategies that can be applied.

Africa is a large continent but it’s currently not one of the most profitable when it comes to gambling. However, it is the fastest-growing continent for gamblers, therefore, a demographic that can’t be ignored. It might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of gambling but the demand for quality live and online casinos continue to increase in demand.



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