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BLUETTI’s First Ecosystem SwapSolar Keeps Your Gadgets Powered and Drinks Chilled in Your Week-long Road Trips 

Geared up for a road trip and want to keep your favorite beers and drinks refreshingly cool? BLUETTI is launching its first ecosystem product within its diverse lineup- the SwapSolar, an industry-first duo of AC180T swappable solar generator and MultiCooler 3-in-1 portable car fridge, bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to your tours.

The SwapSolar will debut at CES 2024 on Jan. 9, followed by an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign starting late Feb with a special offer  for early backers.

BLUETTI AC180T Portable Power Station With Two Hot-Swappable Batteries

In 20ms of a power outage, the AC180T with a UPS mode can swiftly power all your essentials with 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and a cigarette lighter port.

The true innovation, however, lies in its hot-swappable battery design that allows you to change its two 716.8Wh batteries from the top without power interruption. As BLUETTI also sells removable LFP batteries separately, you can choose multiple battery packs for tailored needs. For extended trips and emergencies, just swap them out for instant full power anytime, anywhere.

To charge these batteries, plug the AC180T directly into a wall outlet for fast 1,440W AC charging. Or use solar panels to get the batteries ready for your devices and the BLUETTI MultiCooler portable fridge.

AC180T with 1 * Battery 2 * Batteries 
Output Power1,200W1,800W
Charging Rate/ Time850W 80% in 1 Hour
Full Charge in 1.5 Hours
1,440W 80% in 45 Mins
Full Charge in 70 Mins
Weight39.6lbs / 18.5kg58.4lbs / 26.5kg
Solar Input500W Max., 12-60VDC
Dimensions15.4 × 11.0 × 15.6 in (390 × 280 × 395 mm)

BLUETTI MultiCooler: Your All-in-One Fridge, Freezer, and Ice Maker

Powered by the AC180T’s battery, the BLUETTI MultiCooler stands as the world’s first LFP-powered 3-in-1 portable fridge that is safer and longer lasting. It features a 40-liter compartment with temperature control from -20°C to 20°C (-4°F to 68°F), so you can chill 65 cans of soda, keep BBQ sausages frozen, or properly store certain medicines when away from home. Importantly, the MultiCooler cools down fast, going from 30°C to 0°C (86°F to 32°F) in 15 minutes. 

But here’s the showstopper – its built-in ice maker. Pour water into a 9-liter chamber, and within minutes, scoop out 24 pieces of crystal cube ice in small or large sizes. The ice maker uses running water to make ice, allowing for the consistent production of high-quality clear ice( about 4 batches per hour). This type of ice can keep your sparkling beverages tasting better for longer.

The MultiCooler can make ice by charging from your car–an industry first. And it also has a self-cleaning mode to keep it tidy and mildew-free.

Aside from standard wall socket and vehicle charging, you have two other ways to charge the MultiCooler without draining your car battery. One is to insert one of the AC180T batteries to run it for 3 days per pack. The other is to hook it up with solar panels( a battery must be inserted), and then it will literally run non-stop as long as the sun is shining.

Even in the worst-case scenario, when it’s raining all day and you already run out of battery power, you won’t get soggy vegetables because the MultiCooler has good insulation to maintain temperatures for a while. For example, if loaded with bottled water, it takes over 48.3 hours to rise from 4°C to 15°C (39°F to 59°F), keeping your food fresh until you recharge.

Using the MultiCooler is pretty simple with an intuitive control panel and the smart BLUETTI app. Switch it to the energy-efficient ECO mode on your phone, and you’ll extend its battery life with only 0.18kWh power used per day. 

As for portability, the drawbar and wheels are a necessity for anyone who needs to even semi-regularly move the 28 × 16.5 × 18.7 inch (710 × 420 × 475mm) unit from place to place, especially when loaded with food and drinks. Further, you’re free to roll it around on bumpy roads, as it’s shock-resistant. Yet if you want to keep it stable in a vehicle, BLUETTI also provides a slide add-on.

Why You Need the BLUETTI SwapSolar?

Whether you’re on a road trip, ocean adventure, or long-distance transportation, the BLUETTI SwapSolar will keep your gadgets charged, your drinks ice-cold, and your food fresh. Nothing could be better than being more self-sufficient and less dependent on external sources of power and food.