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Calpe as a compilation of exclusive real estate on the Spanish coast

Image by Ignace Aleya

When selecting the most accurate characteristics to describe Calpe in Spain, delicacy and comfort are the first to come to mind. These features charm visitors and make them come back more often. Foreigners from the most remote places of the world are attracted by large local beaches, transparent waters, pleasant climate, delicious cuisine, and exclusive real estate. Calpe impresses with its unique architecture and reserved luxury revealed in houses and apartments. Potential residents and investors choose property for sale in Calpe to plunge into a peaceful atmosphere and pristine nature. 

Location of Calpe, Spain 

Calpe is a modern and cozy town that has much to tell from its glorious past. The town of Calpe is located in the Costa Blanca resort area. It stands 12 kilometers from Altea and 72 km from Alicante airport. The convenient location of proximity to Benidorm and Alicante makes the town an alluring tourist destination. It is interesting to mention that the town is built at the foot of the 322-meter rocky cliff Peñón de Ifach. 

Nearby there is a lively fishing port with a famous fish market all year round. The famous fish restaurants of Calpe, which attract gourmets from all over the coast, are not far from the port.

Calpe is 72 km from the international airport in Alicante. From there you can get to the resort town by bus or train. The trip will take a little over an hour. Car connection is made by highway A-7 and the national highway № 332.

Exclusive real estate in Calpe 

The Mediterranean climate and convenient location contribute to the popularity of Spanish Calpe. As the country welcomes foreign investments and provides beneficial conditions for any foreigner, the area becomes even more desirable. 

Most foreigners choose the sphere of real estate to invest in. The reasons for such a decision are purely individual. However, some undeniable advantages are obvious. 

The city has many high-rise complexes and hotels located on the beach, but unlike Benidorm, the rhythm of life here is more relaxed and measured. The cost of apartments and apartments in such complexes with sea views is from 150 000 euro.

The cost of real estate in central areas of Calpe is from 250,000 euro for a house or villa of up to 200 square meters, and from 130,000 euro for apartments or apartments.

In the south-western part of Calpe, away from the noisy highways, are prestigious areas of the city that offer magnificent views of the sea. It presents the best objects of luxury real estate – villas, houses and townhouses. The average price is 600,000 euro.

The most outstanding properties for sale in Calpe

The real estate market in Calpe is versatile and full of offers of different prices and facilities. A buyer can select a housing unit according to their own both objective and subjective criteria. To acquaint oneself with the style and richness present in the area, let`s explore the most significant apartments and villas from famous developers. 

  • Villa in Calpe of 6 bedrooms 

The charming representative of the property sphere provides 1,286 square meters of living space. It contains six bedrooms, spacious kitchen and living room, private pool, and terraces with the sea view. When you decide to invest €9,000,000 for this villa, you put your money into extreme comfort, spaciousness, and chic. You become a part of the ambitious project of the international developer. 

  • Villa in Calpe of 5 bedroom

A modest example of exclusive villas in Calpe, the 5-bedroom unit is available for almost €4,000,000. The living space of 1500 square meters contains 5 bathrooms, a large living room and kitchen. Smart home systems, air conditioning, barbeque zones are present by default. 

  • Apartment in Calpe of 3 bedrooms 

The apartment is located only 100 meters from the beach and gives 109 meters of living space. All the necessary infrastructure and popular attractions are within a walking distance. This variant is absolutely affordable for €1,365,000. Besides, such a type of property may provide a high return. Near proximity to the sea makes the apartment to be in high demand among tourists coming to the town.

Other types of property in Calpe 

Villas and apartments are not the only housing options that the city boasts. The following types of real estate are available as well: 

  • Penthouses 
  • Townhouses 
  • Duplexes
  • Houses 
  • Commercial properties
  • Land plots

The price and the characteristics of such types of property differ according to the footage, selection of amenities, and location. However, if you have an intention to buy a penthouse or a townhouse in Calpe, be ready to pay at about €1,500,000-2,000,000. 

The bottom-line 

The official website Spain-Real.Estate provides updated information on each exclusive property in sunny Calpe. Purchase real estate for permanent stay and investment in the town and make a contribution into your successful future.