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Can AI calculate the mathematical model of slot machines and beat casinos?

Fascinating, often helpful and in some respects almost a little scary, this is all about artificial intelligence. The technology, known as AI for short, is man-made but has the potential to be smarter than its creators. This raises hope but also stirs up fears. The hope seems justified because AI can take some of the work off our hands. Many people are thinking about how artificial intelligence can be used in a very practical way.

For players in casinos, the most pressing question is: can artificial intelligence beat the random generator in the games and thus ensure reliable winnings?

Would it be possible to use artificial intelligence to pull out one win after another, for example, if the calculations were done by a machine – and if so, would that even be desirable? In the end, while we explore this question, Stay Casino no deposit bonus will give you the opportunity to test all your strategies for maximum profit. Stay Casino is a very popular online casino with a large number of slots and a good reputation in the gambling industry.

We will look for answers and go into the following topics:

  • the RNG technology in slot machines;
  • AI in slot machines;
  • whether you can increase the chances of winning in slots.

It’s no coincidence that everything in slots is by chance

Slot games really do seem to be based purely on the principle of chance. Chaotic and inscrutable, they do and leave as they please, while the player only exerts a semblance of control over events for appearances’ sake. However, there is no confusion in the machines at all, but highly developed technology known as random number generators. They work according to mathematical formulae and laws, which makes the whole thing seem somehow paradoxical. If mathematics was at work, surely an arithmetician should be able to crack the formulae and predict the results of the respective game rounds, right? But that is precisely not the case.

RNG technology is random number technology, which aims precisely to function according to the laws of chance. It is programmed in which possible outcomes could theoretically fall at the end of a game round and how often one of these outcomes occurs, but it remains forever unclear when and under what exact circumstances it happens. This means that even the programmer who has created a slot machine himself will not know in the future if, when, how often and what amount he will win.

Even the most intelligent people fail when trying to figure out slot machines

It is up to every player to try, despite all difficulties, to master a slot or to increase the chances of winning. Some refer to this attempt as manipulating slot machines, although this statement should not be taken literally. It is rather an attempt to understand the machine and to recognise constants taking into account different variables. There are many professionals, especially in the circles of gamblers, with amazing analytical and observational skills and excellent mathematical talent.

Nevertheless, to this day no one has succeeded in learning to correctly assess a slot machine game. No matter how hard they try to keep track of every little variable and deduce what will happen next, the RNG component inside the machine is always incalculable. Are these smart humans just not smart enough for a superior AI to do the job successfully?

AI is capable of learning, but it remains inferior to a slot machine

When you complete a spin on a slot, there are always an enormous number of possible outcomes in the form of winning combinations. Artificial intelligence would certainly try to adjust all variables in such a way that the probability of the desired result occurring increases to an optimal level. It is conceivable that this method works, but only if many identical slots are played in parallel, which means that some of the initial parameters change in each case.

The problem with this is that it may be that a great result occurs in one of the slots due to the analysis and the profit is satisfactory. However, this profit is “eaten up” by the stakes of the other slots used. However, a talented human could also do the analysis work with the same success or partial success. No AI is needed for this, the core problem always remains since probabilities do not provide any information about the exact result yet.

Whether with artificial or human intelligence, the idea is not a good one

It has proven bad many times to sink your teeth into the idea of trying to “beat” a casino game. According to experts all over the world, it is not a harmless activity to attach too much importance to winnings. The fun can fall by the wayside if you can’t see that losing is also inevitably part of gambling. Of course, it is fun to cheat chances here and there and to win more often than to lose. But one should not use this situation as a yardstick because winning series can also be attributed to chance.

There are days when you as a player have the statistics on your side, but on other days, the completely opposite situation can happen. Those who cannot accept sooner or later that coincidences are uncontrollable also put themselves in a certain danger of addiction. But this is exactly what must be avoided at all costs. If there is a risk of addiction, it’s better to choose free demo versions of games. In this way, you playfully internalise that the fact is unchangeable without having to play for real money.

Another reason speaks against trying to manipulate slot machines

Wanting to manipulate game outcomes is in itself a completely understandable desire. Countless people simply try it, while the operators of online casinos let them. The casino operators know that they can trust the software and that big game wins can only be achieved via regular winning combinations or wild symbols and scatter symbols. Manipulation is simply impossible. Here and there you will find a clause in the general terms and conditions that the use of artificial intelligence and manipulation is undesirable or forbidden.

Nevertheless, many Australians, as well as players outside of Australia, are trying it. However, it is for the good of all concerned that the attempts are doomed to failure. Just imagine if, contrary to expectations, someone were to find a way to specifically only win. Very quickly, not only would operators go bankrupt, but also game providers would no longer have the incentive to market their games. The entire casino industry would be dead within a very short time because the casino also has to win regularly in order to remain liquid.

Is it realistic for an ordinary gamer to use AI for casino games?

As things stand, it is very unrealistic to even get close to AI technology as an individual that could even come close to rivalling the gaming technology used by game developers. Online slots in legal casinos have been developed to the highest level. You can’t hack them, you can’t see through them, and basically, you can’t fully understand them because the software is based on mathematical formulas that ensure that individual game outcomes are deliberately unpredictable. Suppose a player knows a developer for AI and uses it anyway: the casino software would probably very well recognise that in reality, it is not a human playing but a bot.

It can be assumed that the operator will make use of its virtual domiciliary rights and ban the player from the site. So it is not only difficult to impossible to try out artificial intelligence yourself, but it is simply not worth it. Exclusion from a good online casino usually also means the loss of bonuses.

What else can you do to have more luck in the casino?

There is nothing against testing gaming strategies. In some casinos, you can do this without registering, and you don’t have to deposit money, either because there is a helpful and free bonus or because you can use virtual money in the demo versions of the games. Nevertheless, the be-all and end-all is that as a slot player, you can accept that the spins don’t have much to do with your own “skill” but with probability theory.

Not even the manufacturers of the slot games themselves could influence this and win more often. Even an AI cannot do that. If you want to win more on average, you’d better pay attention to a good betting strategy and to the RTP of the casino games. A high RTP is good for the entirety of the players since a higher proportion of the total stakes is earmarked for payouts. However, it is also true that this principle does not necessarily have a direct effect on the individual. Luck decides! By the way, bonus promotions for new customers are a very good profit booster, as one’s own investment is reduced. The AI fails miserably in comparison and brings no comparable benefit. Most players will be glad that gambling simply remains gambling.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a smart helper created by people. It’s really good at learning and helping us with stuff. Some folks wonder if AI can help us win at casino games like slot machines. These games are like rolling dice, and it seems like they’re just about luck.

People have tried to use AI to win more in casinos. AI can learn from lots of games and try different things to see what works. But here’s the catch: even AI can’t really beat the tricky RNG in slot machines. It’s like trying to guess the weather – it’s unpredictable.

Trying to outsmart casino games isn’t a great idea. It’s better to have fun and understand that sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t. Using AI might not work well, and casinos need to work fair to stay in business. So, it’s best to enjoy the thrill of gambling and remember that luck plays a big role. Even the smartest AI can’t change that!