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Carry on Essentials You Need for Long Haul Flights

Visiting a far-flung destination is fun and exciting – but you will have to put up with the flight to get there. Short flights are usually much easier to deal with, but when you are talking about spending an entire day aboard an aircraft, you’ll need to really think about what you are bringing with you.

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Think about what you can do to keep yourself occupied – whether that is poker gaming or just sleeping – and focus on comfort for the best experience.

Below are some things that you should be considering when you are packing your carry-on for a long-haul flight.

The right suitcase

Getting the carry-on right is an art itself – the best thing that you can do is find a sturdy, roomy case that fits the measurements allowed for the flight as closely as possible.

This will ensure that you can bring with you all the items that you want to, and you can get access to them throughout the time you are stuck on the plane.

It’s worth investing in some good quality luggage if you are going to be flying long haul, or even if you are going to become a frequent short haul flier.


Unless you have splashed out for first class, the likelihood is that the room you will have for the flight is likely to be quite tight – so you want to do the best you can for your own comfort. Some of the things that you can consider include:


Plane temperatures can vary greatly, even during the flight – and a blanket will help to keep you warm and cozy when it gets cooler towards the middle of the journey.

If you don’t want to bring a blanket, you could choose an oversize scarf or a stole, instead.

Travel Pillow

You might be given a small pillow, but these are not the most comfortable for your neck – travel pillows are usually relatively small, with support for the side of the neck, and at the front.

This is the best way to avoid neck pain if you are trying to get some sleep while sitting up.

Sleeping Mask

If you are on a day flight, you will need to be able to sleep with the lights on – and a sleeping mask can block out the excess light so that you can snooze. This can help relieve jet lag.

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You can get eye masks that are infused with essential oils like lavender, or with special cooling properties to help refresh your eyes.

Ear Plugs

When you are close to other people in the way you are in a plane, excess noise is inevitable. Ear plugs can be a lifesaver if you struggle to relax (or if there is a crying baby on the flight). Make sure that you check for fit before you go – they need to be comfortable in your ears for the best results.



Your smartphone or tablet will probably be a hub of entertainment for you. Not only can you download your favorite shows and movies, but you can also use it to read books, play games, and listen to music.

You do need to make sure that you have downloaded things to your device though – connection to data will be non-existent, and Wi-Fi can be spotty.

Power Bank

If you are relying on your device, you need to make sure that you don’t run out of battery.

The obvious answer is a fully charged power bank – it’ll be a lifesaver on a long-haul flight. Don’t forget the charging cable!


If you are watching a movie or a TV show, you will want to be able to hear it – and concentrate on it, too.

Noise cancelling headphones will help with both, keeping your viewing to yourself and also helping to dampen the sounds of your fellow passengers.

Adult coloring book

If you have an artistic streak, or fancy being creative, then a coloring book is an engaging and mindful distraction that you might enjoy. It’s probably best to use colored pencils rather than pens for this.

You could also write a journal or have a go at writing a story or some poetry if you fancied it, too.



Many flight operators hand out toothbrushes and toothpaste to passengers, but you might want to bring your own to suit your taste.

Having the opportunity to freshen up and brush your teeth before you land can help you shake off the dirt of the flight and feel much more ready for your vacation.

Water Bottle

Refillable water bottles will give you the chance to stay hydrated and make better choices on the plane – you might not want to have soda or alcohol. You can add some rehydration drops if you want to be healthier.