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Celebrate “The Year of Bay” in 2018 on Taiwan’s Beautiful Bay Beaches

This year, Taiwan is celebrating “The Year of Bay,” which celebrates its pristine coastlines and stunning outlying islands. The unique ecological and cultural landscapes throughout Taiwan and surrounding islands welcome travelers to explore outdoor beauty and natural wonders.

The year of 2018 has been designated as the Year of Bay Tourism. Six cities and counties and ten islands with island resources have been designated as pilot sites. The Director-General of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Joe Y. Chou said that the overall marketing of the 2018 Year of Bay Tourism will follow three major themes: “Good Seasonal Events Highlights” (activities side), “Wonderful Tour GO Experience” (products side) and “Continuous Promotions” (promotional side). This campaign emphasizes key concepts in bay tourism, such as “Advocacy of Education, Resource Conservation, In-depth Experience, and Inheritance of Experiences.”

This September and October, Taiwan will host the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club annual meeting in Penghu. The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club is an organization that emphasizes the importance of preserving culture and natural habitats of ocean bays, while ensuring economic development is committed to these pillars. In 2014, Penghu Bay became a member of the prestigious organization because of its unique marine environment and rich culture and history. At least 38 bay members and 40 cities will participate in these events. It is expected that the number of tourists will increase by 30,000 and that the event will add further luster to the 2018 Year of Bay Tourism.

Any time of year, Penghu Islands are easily accessible on a short flight from major cities throughout Taiwan or by boat from Budai Harbor in Chiayi City or the Port of Kaohsiung. The islands offer incredible beaches with turquoise water, invigorating water sports like snorkeling and swimming, and have a rich cultural heritage, which qualify Penghu Bay to be a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. Cherished temples such as the Tianhou Temple, the vibrant Penghu firework festival and iconic sights like the Twin Heart Stone Weir entice visitors from all over the world to engage in cultural experiences and explore the natural wonder of the Penghu Islands.

For those seeking relaxation and remarkable snorkeling, Green Island is known for its beautiful coral reefs that are home to an array of unique marine life and for its natural hot springs, particularly the Zhaori Saltwater Hot Springs. As one of only three saltwater hot springs in the world, these springs are renowned for their translucent waters and optimal temperature — naturally heated by volcanic lava. Easily accessible from the main road, the hot springs on Green Island inspire visitors to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Taiwan’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Penghu Bay make it an incredible destination to visit and a worthy addition to the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club.


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