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Celebrate V-Day on your own Private Island in the Maldives

Unveiling the Ultimate Romantic Escape: Newly Redesigned Romantic Pool Residence Promises Unparalleled Luxury and Privacy

Nestled in the heart of the lagoon at Velaa Private Island and accessible only by boat, a hidden gem awaits couples seeking the epitome of luxury and romance. The recently renovated Romantic Pool Residence, perched above the lagoon, offers an ultra-private one-bedroom sanctuary for honeymooners or those in pursuit of a dreamy romantic getaway.

Boasting breath-taking oceanic views and designed for utmost privacy, this exclusive retreat invites guests to experience a world of unparalleled luxury. The meticulous renovation has transformed the villa into a haven of indulgence, featuring a range of amenities to ensure an unforgettable escape, now also with interior details from various designers such as Paula Lenti and Davide Groppi.

Key highlights of the Romantic Pool Residence include:

Spacious Bedroom Retreat: The villa’s one spacious bedroom features a super king-size bed, thoughtfully designed with natural materials and neutral colors, creating a serene ambiance. The bedroom is complemented by a walk-in closet, adding a touch of convenience and elegance.

Ultimate Privacy: Accessible only by boat, the Romantic Pool Residence ensures the highest level of privacy, creating an intimate atmosphere for couples to savor special moments.

Dining Extravaganza: An outside dining gazebo perched on a floating jetty allows couples to enjoy meals prepared in a fully equipped kitchen or by an optional private chef and butler. This culinary experience unfolds over the water, adding an extra layer of romance to every bite.

Personal Wellness Oasis: Embrace active and relaxation moments with a personal gym and spa treatment room within the villa. This private space allows guests to rejuvenate both body and mind, creating a holistic retreat experience.

Secluded Outdoor Paradise: Step onto the terrace and discover a world of outdoor indulgence. The jacuzzi, infinity pool, sundeck and direct access to the lagoon create a haven for couples to unwind and bask in the beauty of their surroundings.

The Romantic Pool Residence sets a new standard for romantic getaways, offering an escape where luxury, privacy, and breath-taking views converge. It’s not just a villa; it’s an intimate retreat designed for couples to create lasting memories.