Celebrate Valentine’s Day with distinctive hand-blown glass hearts

In a feel-good story even Cupid would love, innovative eco-friendly practices at Pueblo Bonito Resorts have resulted in the creation of beautiful, hand-blown glass hearts.

Since time immemorial, hearts have represented love and affection. Despite the anatomical differences, the double-scalloped ideogram with the V-shaped base has become synonymous with the human heart and emotion.

Here’s the story of Pueblo Bonito’s seamless circle of sustainability. The company’s resort hotels, restaurants, and bars use and recycle bottles. Israel Battista, a third-generation artisan who runs the San Miguel Blown Glass Factory in the nearby village of El Arenal, collects up to two tons of empties from the resorts each month and trucks them to his factory. Each bottle is cleaned, crushed, and melted in special ovens heated to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Glassblowers dip long hollow tubes into the molten glass and blow bubbles. Battista and his artisans shape the melted bottles into hearts, fish, vases, and other art. These delicate creations, especially the hearts, have become iconic cultural symbols in Los Cabos and throughout Mexico.

Here’s what makes the recycling effort unique: Pueblo Bonito not only supplies the raw materials for Battista’s creations, but the resort company also buys back the art pieces by the hundreds to display around its hotels and communities. (For example, dozens of shiny red hearts dangle from the branches of torote trees in the circular entrance to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica).

These hand-crafted items are on display and for sale in the resorts’ gift shops. The byproducts of this unique recycling initiative, which minimize environmental damage, send a special message to eco-conscious travelers who prize sustainability efforts and who want to see local communities benefit from their visits. As a Valentine’s Day gift, the glass hearts are a perfect choice for that someone special in your life.

Pueblo Bonito’s hearts are produced in a variety of colors. Each color denotes a different meaning. The classic red heart, bright and vibrant, symbolizes true, long-lasting love—and passion. Yellow, the color closest to gold, equates to sunshine, energy, optimism. Orange, a warm color, stands for friendship and care. Green is for nature, harmony, and renewal—and St. Patrick’s Day. The blue heart, calming and wise, is the color of the seas and the sky. Each glass heart is distinctive; all are available in a variety of sizes.

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