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Chobe National Park: The Crown Jewel of African Safaris

Chobe National Park, one of the most visited parks situated in the northern part of Botswana, is renowned for its wildlife reserves, diverse ecosystems, and unforgettable beauty. It’s acclaimed as the first national park in Botswana, established in 1968 near a town named Kasane, and it covers approximately 11,700 square km, due to its area, it’s the third largest park in Botswana.

Its diverse ecosystem, wildlife wonders, stunning landscapes, and Chobe River, a focal point for wildlife, refer to Chobe Park as the crown jewel of African Safaris. Chobe River, one and only water source of the park, flows along the northern boundary of this park. During the dry season, it compels numerous species of animals such as African Elephants, leopards, lions, zebras, etc., to gather around its banks, providing pretty scenes of nature.

Chobe National Park

Apart from the deep blue Chobe River, lush floodplains, small towns, and sandy terrains, Chobe National Park is also divided into four areas based on distinct ecosystems, including Chobe Riverfront (Serondela Area), Savuti Marsh, Linyanti Marsh, and Dry and Hot Hinterland.

Chobe Riverfront, known as Serondela Area, is one of the famous areas of this park due to the Chobe River, specially visited by millions of safari enthusiasts. When safaris visit Victoria Falls, they come here by traveling approximately 1.5 hours of distance to explore the Chobe River and its surrounding areas of Chobe Park.

Savuti Marsh, situated in the western part of this park, provides safari experiences like game drives to explore the savannas of this area. It’s also teeming with multiple animals like elephants, leopards, impalas, kudu, lions, rhinoceros, and other birdlife, giving full of adventurous sights to capture.

As far as Linyanti Marsh is concerned, it’s also famous for its wildlife and birdlife richness. It’s located in the northwest portion of the crown jewel of African Safaris, and the main things that make this area popular are open woodlands and riverine woodlands. Animals like wild dogs, elephants, hippopotamus, antelope, crocodiles, and leopards are also present in this area.

Dry and Hot Hinterland covers a huge area of this park and it’s rich in grassy lands. Visitors must explore this area, because the beautiful sceneries they’ll see here have never been experienced in other parts of this park.

Why is Chobe National Park declared the Crown Jewel of African Safaris?

Here are some important reasons that make Chobe Park stand out on top of African Safaris. So, we’ll explore all the reasons in detail below. 

Abundance and Diversity in Wildlife

Chobe Park feels proud of giving home to approximately 50,000+ elephants and other animals and birds. The Kalahari Elephants, the largest species of elephants, are also living and roaming in the park. Most safaris usually experience these species of elephants during boat safaris in the Chobe River.

Beyond these elephants, Chobe is also a paradise for other animals, including giraffes, lions, hippos, buffaloes, crocodiles, and others. According to research, there are approximately 600+ bird species present in this park. Due to the vast wildlife, no one knows when he’ll have a chance to meet a new animal or bird in this park, providing an unforgettable safari experience.

Beauty and Diverse Landscapes

As Chobe National Park surrounds an area of over 11,700 square km, it’s not only teeming with herds of elephants, lions, hippos, and other species of animals and birds but it’s also full of green lands, plains, rivers, and charming areas, adding natural beauty to this park.

The diversity in animal and bird habitats creates visually stunning scenes for safaris enthusiasts to enhance their safari experience.

Accessibility and Diverse Safari Activities

Chobe Park is easily accessible for all the tourists, because it’s located in the northern part of Botswana near to Kasane; therefore, everyone can access this park via Victoria Falls Airport or Kasane Airport.

In addition, in Chobe Park, safari enthusiasts can experience dozens of safari activities such as classic game drives, horse riding, boar safaris, mokoro safaris, and bird safaris. These activities not only assist safaris in exploring the wildlife of the crown jewel of African Safaris but also make their safari experience more adventurous.

Unique Experiences and Conservation Efforts

Apart from all the safari activities and wildlife experiences, there are multiple things to explore such as Savute Safari Lodge which helps visitors to closely observe the giant elephant habitats. This lodge provides a spectacular experience of watching elephants that no safari can’t get by doing other safari activities.

Chobe Park is also ahead in conservation efforts in providing complete protection not only to species but also to safaris. Moreover, the purpose behind its construction was also to protect the wildlife species like elephants, lions, and others.

Final Verdict

Chobe National Park is also renowned as the crown jewel of African Safaris because of various reasons such as the abundance of wildlife, beauty and diverse lands, numerous safari experiences, and others. It’s also included in the most visited places of Botswana due to its top-notch safari adventures.

Moreover, Chobe River is a premier destination for those who visit Chobe Park, because due to the water, huge elephants and other animals gather around the river. So, we’ve shared everything about this park which includes it in African Safaris. If you’ve any queries, contact us using the given comment section.


  1. Where is Chobe National Park located and why is it famous?

It’s situated in the northern part of Botswana and it’s also renowned for its wildlife reserves, diverse ecosystems, Chobe River, and scenic beauty.

  1. Can we see the Big 5 in Chobe Park?

Yes, you can see the Big Five in this park, including elephants, lions, rhinos, cheetahs, and buffalo.

  1. What’s the nearest town to this park?

The nearest town is Kasane to this park.