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Coming Back To The Office? Here Are Your 9 Must-Have Work Essentials!

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After years of working inside our comfortable room due to the pandemic, currently everything is shifting back to normal -along with the policy to start working back from the office. This is indeed a bittersweet feeling. After all, we already get accustomed to working while only wearing a sweat, and having everything we need under reach –without needing to pack it out inside our trusty office bag.

But at the same time, we do miss the connection that we used to have with our teammates. Indeed, even when we are working from home –we can have an online-based discussion. But for some, it is still different. Brainstorming while physically being together is much more effective. Moreover, if we count the many obstacles that might happen which could limit the quality of the discussion, such as the unstable internet connection, and many other distractions that could be possessed while working at home.

Returning to the office can be good for some, or horrible. Take your pick! But, whatever your view is –one thing is the same. You will need to prepare your back-to-the-office moment by bringing in some work essentials that can support your daily performance. Keep on reading to find what are the items that you should pack-up in order to have a hassle-free working day.


Bringing your purse is something that you should never forget every time you are about to go out. Because all of your important things will mostly be stored inside this small rectangular space. From your cash, ATM, and your id card. Purses are very important, but usually, we often forget to bring them –especially if we’re changing our bags. So don’t forget to put this in the bag that you want to bring to the office each night.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a necessity. To be able to coordinate well with co-workers or clients, you will need to have your phone ready every time. It is not excessive to say that without a cell phone, your office work will be disrupted. Don’t forget to set your cell phone in silent mode while working, this is important to keep you focused throughout the working hours.


Not only a phone, but you should also bring your charger along with you. You need your charger, so that whenever your cell phone battery is low –you can immediately charge it. Don’t let your cell phone be off, because it can interfere with your working performance. Someone might contact you due to a critical situation, but you are out of reach. If this happens, your professionality might be questioned. So, to ensure this never happens, put your charger inside your bag before leaving for the office.


Bringing earphones and listening to songs while working can increase your focus at work. It can also help you to feel more relaxed, whenever you feel stress-out because office-related problems arise. Listening to music at work can also uplift your mood –making you feel more enthusiastic!


The next item that you should bring is a notebook. A notebook is needed for you to record important things related to work. During meetings, this agenda will also be useful for writing down the meeting notes, so you won’t miss any information or forget it along the way. Even though you already have a note-taking app on your phone, a notebook will make you look more professional.


Maintaining your hydration level during working hours is important. With the proper amount of water inside your body, you will be much more focused while working. You won’t feel sluggish or have headaches, some of the main symptoms of dehydration. You should bring an aluminum bottled water because this type of container can help to hold your drink’s temperature longer.

Hand Sanitizer

The pandemic might be behind us, but it does not mean that we should forget every necessity that could protect our health. Hand sanitizer is still a must-have item that you have on hand to protect yourself against any bacteria or viruses. This can help you to stay safe while working in a busy environment.


are several types of vitamin supplements that are recommended to be consumed to boost the immune system, including vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. If you are the type of person who consumes vitamins daily, you should bring your vitamins to your office. Vitamin is important to maintain your body’s health.


Working for a whole day, not to mention if you need to do overtime –might require you to have perfume inside your bag. This will be very useful in making sure that you will smell good all day long. Having a good scent, will increase your confidence level –be it while meeting with clients or simply discussing with your co-workers.

To ensure that you do not forget to bring these work essentials, you should prepare these items in your bag each night before going to the office the next day. Preparing at the last minute will make you prone to forget something. Forgetting bringing these items may cause you to panic – because trying to grab these items is not as easy as you can do while working at home!