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Crafted in Anguilla: The Artistry Behind Glo’s Flavoured Rum

Are you tired of your classic coffee order of a ‘double-double’ and looking for something more…ambrosial? Something rum-tastic, rumderful, and rumbustious?! Yes, the drink in question is good enough to justify inventing entirely new words to describe it. If the stresses of everyday life have you rumming low on motivation, we’re here to whisk you away to the Caribbean island of Anguilla, where Glo’s Flavoured Rums craft and distil some of the finest brews in the region. 

We’ll never apologize for all the rum puns we made, but consider this pitch a peace offering. Glo’s Flavoured Rums offers a tropical vacation from the pedestrian beverages your taste buds have begrudgingly accepted. Here’s why you should put the double-double down and raise a glass to Anguilla’s best rum:

Gloria Leverat, of Glo’s Flavoured Rums, A True Master in her Craft

A Rumderful History: Gloria Leverat, a true master in her craft, lives and breathes the art of rum. The owner of Glo’s Flavoured Rums, Leverat has been a maestro bartender since 1974, starting her journey at her sister’s restaurant. With her exceptional skill and knowledge, Leverat served as a Bar Manager at Cuisinart for many years. Today, 45 years later, she continues her legacy and invites you to participate in every pour, bringing magic and legendary tales to every curated sip.

A True Tropical Taste: Glo’s Flavoured Rum boasts 14 unique and savoury flavours guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. With a warm hug from apple cinnamon and the tropical appeal of coconut punch, mulberry and mango, each flavour reflects its island of origin. Get a kick from ginger, lime, sorrel, and mint, leaving a fresh taste in your mouth. And lastly, float in Caribbean bliss from passion fruit, pineapple, plums, pomegranate, and sea grapes.

Local Craftsmanship: Entirely made in-house, Glo’s rum is a one-of-a-kind product bringing new tastes to the market. Using a top-secret recipe (move over, Colonel Sanders) that utilizes a distinctive blend of fresh ingredients and high-quality base rum, prioritizing smooth, luscious and harmonious tropical tones, transcending you into a world of pleasure and tranquillity.

The essence of Anguilla, captured in a bottle, can be savoured globally, making it the ideal souvenir to share or keep for yourself. With Glo’s Flavoured Rum, relish delectable flavours and let your taste buds do all the work while tasting paradise. For more on the taste and experiences awaiting you at Glo’s, visit here.