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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai And Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle Introduce “Trails Of The North”

With its majestic temples and stunning natural beauty, the landscape and culture of Northern Thailand serve as an antidote to the fast-paced urban sprawl of Bangkok, and as a departure from the seascapes in the South. Here in the folds of rugged mountains and rushing rivers, time seems to find a more leisurely pace and the local culture follows suit. “The North serves as the spiritual heartland of the Thai people, with its rich heritage set against the spectacular backdrop of rugged mountains and a scenic countryside,” remarks Sean Mosher, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle. “Visitors looking for some adventure will find the real pulse of Thailand here in the North, where traditions are alive and well, and the landscape is buzzing with activity.” 

Northern Adventure

An integral part of this landscape, Four Seasons Resorts Thailand offer two very distinct experiences for guests travelling to the region. The erstwhile capital of the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is a vibrant cultural hub and home to some of the country’s most fascinating Buddhist temples. Also known as the “rose of the north” for its natural beauty and royal Lanna architecture, the city is synonymous with style and elegance that can be witnessed at every turn. Further North, along winding country roads, the Golden Triangle is an alluring destination that sits at a confluence of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Here along a jungled-cloaked stretch of the mighty Mekong River, Chiang Rai is home to many colourful hill-tribes and gorgeous mountain scenery.

Encouraging guests to combine these two fascinating destinations in one itinerary, Trails of the North offers an off-the-grid, immersive experience at both locales. This Northern Thailand journey is highlighted by the relaxation experiences at Chiang Mai, while cuisine and adventure take centre-stage in the Golden Triangle. “From the laid-back sanctuary-like setting in Chiang Mai to the luxury glamping experience in the wilderness of the Tented Camp, this is a thrilling Four Seasons adventure. The 200 kilometre (125 mile) road-trip is delightful, as the route traverses terraced rice fields and charming local villages as it winds its way through the rugged hilly terrain,” explains Paveena Waraha, Camp Manager of Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Retreat to Mae Rim

Two nights at each location allow for more than enough time to get a real feel for the two remarkably diverse destinations. “Chiang Mai’s many Buddhist temples and its famous local food scene are not to be missed,” insists Ashok Nair, Director of Rooms and Residences. “The city is also a growing hub for arts and crafts, and home to a vibrant café culture that competes with its famed street food markets for flair.” Organic, high elevation coffees grown by the hill tribes of the North are one reason to scour the city’s many coffee shops, where the aroma of freshly brewed arabica can be quite heady. “Fleur Cafe and Eatery, a beautiful European styled garden-cafe only a short drive out into the Mae Rim valley, and Skugga, which retails wonderful brews from its own plantation in a variety of roasts and blends, are our recommendations,” says Nair.

And while the Resort’s team encourages guests to step out and explore this lively city, there are just as many reasons to stay and relax at this Mae Rim countryside retreat. As part of the offer, guests can enjoy a complimentary 60-minute Rose of the North ritual at the award-winning Wara Cheewa Spa and tune into life in balance. “Our Rose of the North Ritual features rose-scented scrub enriched with dried rose petals, jasmine rice, honey, and sugar. Enhance your experience with a soothing massage complemented by locally crafted candles made with shea butter,” adds Nair.

Off the Grid with Four Seasons

At the camp, the stay in one of the 15 tents offers a truly singular glamping adventure with all the trimmings of a Four Seasons stay. An elevated experience awaits, inclusive of all meals and beverages, where guests can expect the finest Thai and international food, along with an exhaustive list of house wines and spirits. The stay also includes a relaxing 60-minute spa experience at the camp’s jungle-clad, open-air spa, and signature sundown cocktails like the popular Lemongrass Martini at the picturesque Burma Bar. “Our specially curated Thai charcuterie board features local favourites such as the aromatic Sai Oua sausage, and a signature Sun-Dried Pork marinaded in coriander seed,” shares Waraha. Craft beers from Laos and Thailand wash down well with the selection of artisanal cheeses – all part of the camp’s commitment towards sustainability and sourcing from local producers.  

The Trails of the North package is thoughtfully curated to balance leisure with discovery. The four-night stay, with two nights at each location, includes a one-way transfer between the resorts, allowing guests to soak in the region’s beauty at a leisurely pace. “Unwind, indulge and explore Northern Thailand with all the frills of a Four Seasons personalised experience – for couples looking for kind of different adventure!” grins Waraha.