Cycle Through a Hidden Art Town in Southern Osaka, Japan

Osaka is well-known for its food culture, but there are unexplored gems to be found if you venture into the southern area of Senshu. One town in particular is in the middle of an artistic renaissance, and this experience will offer you the chance to explore their artistic area by bicycle.

Visitors will meet three artists from three very different fields: calligraphy, furniture-making, and glassblowing.

First you’ll meet the artist who’s developed their own practice of scripture copying. This is a common part of monk’s training, and their guests can try this method for themselves by hand.

After exploring the temple and the surrounding area at their leisure, visitors can enjoy a healthy and filling meal at Cafe TENTO.

Next, you’ll cycle to the workshop of a furniture maker. This artist’s motivation is to create handmade furniture that will outlive the years of the tree it came from.

Finally, at Studio FRESCO you’ll see their brilliantly colorful and expertly-shaped creations. Their creations are made in the hope that the glass will interact with the senses. Guests are invited to make a glass cup of their own in the glassmaker’s atelier.

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