So far, the Czech Republic has loosened restrictions in stages between April 20th and early June. Farmers’ markets reopened on April 20th, beer gardens and outdoor dining returned on May 11th, and restrictions were lifted on indoor spaces like castles, restaurants, and shopping malls on May 25th. Visitors to any pub serving Pilsner Urquell on tap even received a free “First Beer on Us” on May 25th to commemorate the return of pub culture. As of June 8, social distancing rules in theatres and cinemas will be lifted and the maximum number of people at large events (e.g. concerts, conferences, weddings) will be raised to 500. 

With the loosening of restrictions, new cases have remained under 100 per day throughout the month of May.

“The epidemiological situation does not show any negative trends, and the Czech Republic has managed the whole situation fairly well. As of now, the country has been opening its borders mostly with the neighboring countries, and we cannot wait to welcome American and Canadian travelers again. The United States is a huge part of our tourism landscape, with almost 600,000 Americans visiting in 2019” said  Michaela Claudino, Director of CzechTourism USA in New York. 

In a country of 10.7 million people, the Czech Republic remains around 9,000 total cases with more than 6,000 recovered and 315 deaths (source). 

As of June 15th, EU citizens will be able to travel between some countries with fewer restrictions. For the Czech Republic, this includes Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Baltic States, Norway, and Iceland. Citizens from the above mentioned countries will be allowed to the Czech Republic without having to present a negative COVID-19 test. Travel with fewer restrictions could also expand to other European countries later in the summer, and possibly even international tourism this year. You can find updates on the rules of movement at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.  All regulations are, of course, subject to the continued containment and management of the virus. 

So while we can’t give you a confirmed date to rebook your Czech trip just yet, we remain optimistic with signs of hope and health across the country. We look forward to sharing further updates as soon as they become available. 


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