Few activities can be as relaxing as standing on the bank of a river or on a boat surrounded by water and waiting to capture the biggest, fattest fish you can catch.

It’s not only a stress-reducing activity, but it’s also a practical one, as you’re actively trying to put a meal on the table. But if you’re going to fish, go big. Here are a few of the top destinations that you should try.

The Florida Keys in Florida State

America’s southeastern coast is home to some of the best fishing spots in the entire country. But the one that stands out is the Fisherman’s Paradise, also known as The Florida Keys. It’s got a wide variety of fish to choose from and the water is warm, which attracts a lot of them. So even if you’re a beginner, you’ll still have enough chances to catch a few fish.

Get a boat and explore the area as much as you can because you will surely stumble upon large gatherings of fish if you go further away from the land. If you want a great fishing canoe, here is a quick comparison between the most popular models.

Outer Banks in North Carolina

Whether you’re either a fishing fanatic or a beginner it doesn’t really matter when you visit North Carolina’s superb Outer Banks. Here you will find plenty of agencies that can provide numerous equipment, including boats, hooks, baits, and even fishing licenses in case you don’t already have one.

Flounder, trout, sea bass, and many more species can be found here. And you can try catching all of them while fly fishing, braking fishing, boat fishing, pier fishing, etc. You get the point. There are numerous ways to tackle this adventure in the Outer Banks.

Kona Hawaii

When people generally think of Hawaii, they think about sun, water, a day at the beach, but not necessarily fishing. However, fishing enthusiasts can rejoice knowing that they can also practice their favorite activity in Hawaii. This spot, in particular, is quite popular amongst people who are fanatics of sportfishing.

You can even try deep sea fishing if you’re brave enough since the Kona river is about 6000 feet deep. And even more adventurous, you can try catching sharks. Of course, we do recommend having an experienced shark fisherman with you because these creatures tend to be very dangerous.

Bighorn River in Montana

If you want to catch flying fish in America, this is the best spot that’s been discovered so far. Although it’s not as easily accessible as the previously mentioned fishing spots, getting here will feel like one of the biggest achievements in any fisherman’s life.

You can also find brown trout and prized rainbows here. However, you have a limit on how many fish you can catch, and the rules are applied strictly. So it’s not necessarily a good spot if your main goal is to put some food on the table.

Kobuk River in Alaska

Going 200 miles in length, the Kobuk River provides one of the most amazing fishing experiences in the entire country, and even in the entire continent. Some of the rarest species of fish can be found here, with examples such as chum salmon, lake trout, arctic grayling, arctic char, and even northern pike.

You should also hire a guide when fishing here, as the fish in this area are quite unpredictable, even for experienced fishermen’s standards.

What is your favorite?

Leave us a comment below and tell us which other locations you consider worthy for an experienced fisherman.



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